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Thousands Fragrances Of My Journey by: DOraEMon

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Isn\'t It?
The World Is So Wonderful !
And We Peoples Here Also Are So Beautiful & Beautiful !
But Where?
I Was Keep On Searching This World Since Long Going Far And Wide.
Why It Was Still Away From Me Even If I Was Looking For It In The Bank Of GANGA?
Why The TAAZMAHAL Was So Annoyed Of Me?
Why The Streets Were Not Spreading Fragrances To My Mind?
Or Don\'t Know Why My Mates Were Not Raining Some Words To Pleasure My Heart?
I Am Shocked !
Today Surprisingly I Got To See My Face Over The Beach Of BRAHMAPUTRA Only !
Got To See While It Was Reflected From The Clean Mirror Of My Heart...
You Know What Happened Today?
Today I Got To See That My Very Favourite World Between That Romantic Street Only.
Became So Happy Establishing That World At My Rear Glass.
So... Beautiful It Is !
It Was Not This Much Beautiful Before To Me !
The HEADSET Hanged Over My Ear Also Helped Me Alot To Re-discover My World !
It Was Really Never Beautiful This Much.
THE MOMENT What I Will Always Remember Have Inspired Me A Lot For Seeking My Beautiful World Again.
I Can See This World Now.
So Beautiful !
So Wonderful !
I Can Live In My Dreams Now.
I Can Seek My Existance Now !
My World,
You Are My Loveliest Inspiration !
Because I Can See This World Just Because Of You.
Just Because Of Your Beauty !
Just Because You Live In My World !
Just Because You Are...
So Beautiful...

29 10 13 - 08:06:31


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Thousands Fragrances Of My Journey : Recent Comments

- DOraEMon

No, its was not that good @mahi, i was not fully satisfied with it.

08 11 13-17:40:30

- DewDrop

Wow ua writings are so beautiful and wonderful than ua world u mentioned!
So Beautiful!!!

08 11 13-14:15:54

- DOraEMon

Yaha nahi bolungi:p Tujhe inbox mein bataungi mai(gblush)

30 10 13-20:46:37

- SwEeT_sHeZa

has kyu rahi ha re dolu bol na

30 10 13-18:02:31

- DOraEMon

Thanks @sammy:p
Will tell you @salah(hehe)

30 10 13-15:46:27

- SwEeT_sHeZa

NiCe But Just wanted To Know Is tHE WonDerful MEntioNEd In THE BloG RefferEd To SOme ONE sPEciaLL

30 10 13-12:02:46

- ZeRo

Hmmm..very beautifully written Bir.. keep it up.. u r a good writer Bir..(pat)

30 10 13-10:25:50

- DOraEMon

Good joke @calypso.(hehe) All the best by the way. Thanks(hug)

30 10 13-01:14:44

- Calypso

So beautifully written, and so much emotions packed into it. You are a talent, Prabu, such creativity. Amazing! And you know what? I have to submit in a poem tomorrow for my creative and professional writing. You have just inspired me! (wink)

30 10 13-01:12:11


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