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Here I go AGAIN by: Latte_Lover

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Here I go again(hearts)..Am missing you and I dont know what should i DO....Here I go again ...Feeling so lost and lonely(hearts)...Here I go again ...Need someone to talk to but you are not anywhere around me...Here I go again,the story of my life rewinding like an old broken record)(hearts)...Here I go again, am confused between what I want and what I could not reach(hearts)...Here I go again,its ME and my loneliness and my fear of getting hurt...Here I go again,forcing my lips to smile when all I want to do is shout and cry(hearts)...Pretending to be okay when I knew for sure that am at the edge of breaking down...Here I go again, left with so many question marks in my head(hearts)...Here I go again, hating you coz am missing you too much(hearts)...Here I go again, I fell asleep with tears in my eyes(hearts)

23 02 15 - 03:33:38


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Here I go AGAIN : Recent Comments

- zara890

May God bring so much happiness to your life..have faith sister it will happen very soon..:)

12 08 16-10:23:58

- zara890

get closer to God..he will do wonders in spiritual..:)

08 08 16-10:40:08

- azure

If u don\'t have any one to talk to, then write... A gentelman once told me that we must all write a happiness journal ... Whenever ur happy, write about that day; what made u happy; who were u with etc. And then when ur sad, read that. You will no longer be sad
Don\'t let another person contr ur happiness... To be happy or not lies with in you.

14 08 15-00:57:32

- rythms

moving ahead is d only way out... what a simple expressoin of the hard truth...

10 05 15-13:14:09

- namikaze

Sometime its quite difficult to undrstand the message behind ur blogs but still love reading it

07 05 15-16:22:41

- namikaze

Sad and gloomy written in a bold black what haplen really

30 03 15-23:15:02

- Latte_Lover

Very True lil sister am lonely (hehehe) thanks for de comment

27 02 15-16:49:53

- Latte_Lover

Yes its gloomy Sean ...juz as dark as my heart awwchhh :p

27 02 15-16:47:35

- langdonjean

Everytime I read a gloomy blog wondering are you ok juney

24 02 15-17:06:57

- Solar_eclipsE

So much lonliness in this one June:( are you alright?

24 02 15-10:01:54


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