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I am missing my drug by: IGotANickItsNik

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Rockchat has been my addiction for the whole month. I got much problems so I tried to get off myself to my own destruction. Family, school and also problems here.
I know I cant please everybody to accept me, to understand me, so this is just a matter to be ignored or accepted.
Family. My dad is now having so much trouble with a psycho and his real love plus my mom. Its hard and I can bring those problems everywhere. Most of the time in school.
School. I got failed grades. Failed marks. This is because I have spent many times reading posts and chatting here rather than reading my notes and review for exams. I was trying to forget someone and now everything is forgotten.
Rockchat. They misunderstood me. Now I got another ignore. Sad but as they say, just accept it and just dont joke around again and never ever go to General Room for NotGoodNorBad96 is banned there! She will always be kicked there.
Its just been 3 days since I tried to quit taking this drug. I am missing it so I am now back.
Again to one who ignored me, Im sorry.
Good day Rockchatters! God bless you all :)

31 01 16 - 08:52:24


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- Calypso

You should just disappear from this world and create your own gateaway. Dont let things distract you from your goals and purposes.
This defines who you are: a strong woman who knows how to handle problems. No one is problem free. Keep fighting!! You are doing well so far.
As for the general room, this is WAP. Dont take them seriously :p curse them if you have to!
Stay away from drugs! But i understand why so drawn to it in the first place. Remember, being numb is nor the solution it is how you deal with it. Maybe in time you will come to understand.
I wish you well for your exams! Keep revising. Dont get distracted. Ace it and pass with flying colours! (tighthug)

08 02 17-04:20:41

- hungry_birdie

Hmmmm every problem has a solution its up to how u handle it..think straight not curved.hehehehe

21 02 16-18:45:03

- tonyprince

nikka rc is a virtual world so before coming here u should have to keep ur real emotions aside

03 02 16-14:08:48

- IGotANickItsNik

Correction: Again to the** one who ignored me. ..

31 01 16-21:46:19


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