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A short story by: madcap

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Everyone was falling for someone in the first week of college. Every guy had a crush on a particular girl or in some cases there were multiple guys falling for a single lady. Well, what can you expect after putting ninety teenagers in the same room! Surprisingly , the Crush fever soon faded and only a few Romeos were left. And our guy was one of them...
Our guy(couldn\\\'t find a name) fell for this super cute chick who sadly knew not a word of Assamese. He always sat behind her and admired her straight dark hair that rested on her back. She had chubby cheeks that made her look like a cute panda bear and of course, made him go nuts! He tried talking to her but wasn\\\'t quite successful initially as the shitty language barrier was too high to climb. But it didn\\\'t bothered his growing feelings for her anyway, you see, love doesn\\\'t give a damn about any barriers ! His feelings for her were genuine and anyone could conclude that he had fallen too deep.
On the other hand, she was facing problems in understanding the teachers as they had their multi language mode switched on. She didn\\\'t understand the topics taught in Assamese , only the English and Hindi stuff went inside her head. The lectures must have been like a jigsaw puzzle for her of which almost half of the pieces were missing. So, she decided not to waste her time here and ruin her life. She decided to leave our college and return home.
He did felt bad, very bad actually, he was almost crying for the next few days(only the fact is that there were no tears). And the final day came, her last day of college. He had to do something man , he had to. . .
Just before she left college in the tiffin break, he gave her a chocolate which she accepted politely after resisting twice. He told her that we were gonna miss her (he should have said i) and bid her goodbye...Thus, he could never tell her how he felt for her . . .

26 07 16 - 06:17:29


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- Helohelo

(tearsh) This is cute and sad at the same time... It happens. Just like never talk to someone but end up have a deep crush in the years to follow(pagal) oh those good old days... Feeling like a grandma now(uglyman)

26 07 16-12:54:30


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