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LIFE by: ll__VeNus__ll

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Life is full of emotions
Sometimes needs to be
Planned with caution
Sometimes enables us with
Slow motion
Sometimes with a sensitive
But always remember
It has a perfect solution
With a best remedy of lotion
To cure the affected portion
With a positive notion
So that at every junction
One can control their weak and
Sweet emotions
Have you ever driven down a road?
Just to drive with no destination in mind
The road seems to go on and on
Life is like that long going on and on
Not knowingly when its going to end
But still
distrive another tomorrow
Hoping that in the long run
Just like the road though it must come to end

09 08 16 - 06:04:46


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LIFE : Recent Comments

+ lostmoon

Nice blog...driving without a destination in mind is a nice idea

21 04 17-17:56:23

- JoKeR_

Deewar wali! A really good piece of wrting! Keep it up! (tup) Ab wapas deewar paint karne ki bari! (paintingwall2)

15 08 16-20:46:42


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