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So i had a misconcEptiOn that bLogs hErE mEans to writE poEms!
YEah i am dumb, that\'s why i thOught so.
So at first i wrotE somE in a poEm format.
Writing is something that i am rEaly bad at.
Especially poEms!
So i was likE, gOsh what would i do!
Should i GivE up?
Or should i trY?
SincE i had nothing elsE to do i just gavE it a trY.
And i felt happY because i wrotE mY firSt blog!
I am telling yOu it\'s not a good onE
So dont judgE it.
AnYwaY what i was saYing was that i found out, blog can be anything in a writtEn format!
And i could even add smiliEs which i didnt know. (pagal)
You know i rarely comE across thE blog sessiOn.
So it waS quitE naturaL to be ignorant.
Anyway hEy i should bEttEr stOp ranting now becausE thiS maY bEcomE a lEngthy blog which i sEriously don\'t want to happEn.
Short is cutE for mE

26 11 16 - 08:41:52


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