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I stayed silent by: DewDrop

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The sounds of laughter and cries filled the Air
I stayed silent
They sang and danced around the fire .
Engaged in conversation
And discussed how they won .
I remained silent.
*We want to survive* they chanted
-gathering of tribes !!!
Unexpectedly They came ,Red tribes ..
To roast us alive
Left us with no choice to live .
Thrown a hundreds of spear .
We ran and panted for air.
This time they are unstoppable and unmovable
Again ..clash between two tribes !!!
Women were raped and murdered
Children were kidnapped
We packed our belongings
To find some escape .
Blood flowed through the land .
I stood there somewhere feeling scared
With a weapon held in my hand ,
He came tall and broad shoulder
He came towards me
He chose me
He chose to kill me or to get killed by me ?
I saw fire in his eyes
I tried to read his thoughts
Deep Scars on his face ..
Like a mighty warrior
Who crossed all his barrier
And very thirsty
To carve his name in history
His direction was determined
To meet his strong desire .
I felt utterly powerless
When he gently snatched my weapon from me
Suddenly he looked into my eyes
My eyes started freezing like ice.
I wanted to write pages and pages of poetry about him
He melted my stone heart .
His burning spirits made me feel tamed
He pulled out a piece of cloth from his pocket
Wrapped it around his face.
*you ,The pretty flower* he winked and smiled.
He handed my weapon back to me
Having concern in his eyes *keep fighting* he said .
I stood there watched him with burning passion
Something about him that I cannot explain.
I paved the way to his victory
I gave up my control in his single touch
But his mind induced him not to give up .
So he kissed my neck with his poisoned arrow ..sweetly
He pressed it more firmly
I became his lifeless victim
But his presence with me made me stronger
And turned me into a fighter.
Decided to fight alone
Determined not to quit
I slit his throat again and again
And ensured that he was dead .
I stayed silent
*The memory of You sketched in my heart *
Destiny chuckled.
How cruel the fate is ...
He lost his life by winning my heart(heart)
His fall and My rise
His rise and My fall ??

15 12 16 - 09:25:51


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I stayed silent : Recent Comments

- carefulmelon

(bunnylove) Now you will be one of my favorite bloggers here in RC. Those poetic story telling emotions are incredibly beautiful. Im going to read more of your blogs. (thumbsup)

27 03 17-15:14:20

- MaSTaaNI

(superb) Its touchy .. Many of d time v been silent unknowingly.. It happenes to all in daily routine life n relations..- HE LOOSE HIS LIFE BY WinnING MY HEART !!- Superb dear

16 12 16-18:10:13


God mahï... V hv read sch poems frm grt writers.. Neva did i xpct to find sch stuf hre frm one of us.. Obvio u r mch mr talentd wd wrds n their use... N u creatd a picture so real dt i cud c evry word in actn...

16 12 16-16:17:23

- CrEaMy-N-aL

Action romance thrill and finally unique end of the climax... Amazing blog girl big wOooooooo (woo) get it going

16 12 16-06:16:35

- DOraEMon

Enjoyed well. May he rest in peace:D

16 12 16-05:58:48

- ZeRo

Very nice peom..Keep writing Mahi..beautifully written very vivid.. Could imagine the scene and also can understand the deep meaning.. Keep writing

16 12 16-02:49:59

- c0mEdIAn

My heart is melted by this poem.. Nice one MaYa_ you killed it well... (tup)

16 12 16-00:31:06

- Para_

Nice Blog Mahi, seems to be about a girl who has a Stockholm Syndrome lol. But nice. I liked it

16 12 16-00:04:46

- DewDrop

The most boring thing in the world is to read something long. I appreciate the time you guys took to read my Longgg blog and tysm for nice comments

15 12 16-23:44:25

- Pi-RAtE

I Imagined the scenario really behind this sis ! Superb story come blog! But left to the Question finally ? Hero died and heroine saved (haha)

15 12 16-23:28:02

- MCk3nZi3_R0y4L3

An Awesome everlasting Blog My Dear sis ! (cry) oh u made me emotional now ! Alwyz loved uah blogs and this one is the MASSIVE HIT i say !! (hug)

15 12 16-22:31:18

- Helohelo

It scared me to hell....and yes... I got the same scary feelings jus imagining it all...wat u just wrote...gave me the shivers!!!! Keep it up gal(gup)

15 12 16-22:30:43

- bluesid

lovely meaningful poem about emotions and relations! Keep writing!!

15 12 16-21:33:33


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