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why me its not fair by: _KoNoMasHii_

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I hate being me,I have to inject myself at least 3 times a day,I take loads of pills and medication and all its gonna do is delay things,i cant eat what i want, cant do what my friends do,and now i can only use the internet for an hour at at time because of my eyes,then I have to rest them before I can come online again.I\'ve just about had enough of everything now(sad) why does it have to be me...I apologize for sounding like a spoiled brat but it isn\'t fair.

27 08 12 - 08:17:26


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why me its not fair : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

May God bless you .. You are a fighter ... Not an ordinary person like us you are a great inspiration for us that you are still fighting and we\'ll be you\'renot losing heart you know your condition ans know how to fight with it not like ordinary person like us who cylinder in front of our difficulties you know how to fight and become a victor a winner

07 03 17-17:09:02

- LiveWirE

I just cannot stop recalling her. RIP

10 09 16-05:19:37

- AIM-Locus

On optimistic note you can consider yourself made for bigger cause. What normal people do you are not able to perform that. But may be uncommon is the term which is waiting to get associated with your personality.

21 09 14-14:47:02

- Oasis

but what happened to u
i mean give me Name of tht genetical syndrome

19 09 14-22:47:42

- Espero

really sad shes not here with us today , i really hate god , he took beautiful angel from us. R.I.P

24 08 14-12:00:58

- oOo-_CxM0S_-oOo

Well its saD But Dun eva lose Hope,May GoD Bless u..(f1) Hav A happY life whereVEr u are..TC..

12 08 14-14:30:40

- SaFirA

R.I.P angel of (r0ck0n)
may happiness and love shower upon u (glvu)

06 06 14-10:58:15

- AddicTION

:(hmmm its ok dear dnt get depress n its nt ur fault ok so dnt blame urself n try to cope wid it :)

19 04 14-17:13:42

+ suaveguy

Oh damn so thats lily\'s sister....sometimes i thnk God is cruel to good ppl specially in todays world

10 10 13-15:23:24

- Nova-

get weell soon it is sad to read n know about it(sad)

31 12 12-20:18:13

- soundar1989

its not like that, u wil do ur likes only it whatever may be.. don\'t hv urself, 1st like urs only then u wil like others

31 10 12-08:25:43

- _KoNoMasHii_

nothing happend,i was born with a rare genetic condition,so i will never get well,all that happens is as i get older things stop working

28 08 12-17:42:08

- MaXpaYne

very sad, what happen to you dear ? please take care of you and get well soon

27 08 12-20:21:36


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