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Haunted with Memories of You by: XxdiAnNe_04xX

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its a deep poem i made for someone who also inspired me to write this poem.. emotions from the heart. (xxdianne_04xx)
My eyes, dusted with tears since the day you left.
My heart, bleeding with so much pain that it had ever felt.
My mind, still struggling trying to find out the reason why.
But those reasons, seemed to get even more blurry, as I started to cry.
Remembering the warmth of your skin touching against mine as you held my bare hand.
Just like how the gentle heat of the sun light in the dawn, touches the sand.
I closed my eyes as I hardly suppressed another set of tears from flowing freely to my face.
Picturing in my mind how you used to caress my cheeks gently, in the morning haze.
Wondering if I did make it that easy for you to come right in and out of my heart.
Just like how the sudden leaving of you, easily caused my world to fall apart.
Wishing it is also that easy for me to get all the memories of you, out of my mind.
Unlike how easy it is for you.. to leave everything we had, -behind.
-Diana M. Jaimeā€

08 09 12 - 11:58:03


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Haunted with Memories of You : Recent Comments

- tarique-01

I have never come through such wonderful writing. ur blessed with this capability of expressing urself through words.

24 06 17-23:26:00

+ carefulmelon

Oh love! How love can be utterly beautiful in words of this author. Write more because you have it in you. (thumbsup)

27 03 17-10:31:54

- lonely.aj

Nice Lines. May the soul of the person rest in peace.

14 12 13-21:53:01

- AddicTION

its no doubt dat u r a great poet ur poem symbolises the love for someone who is ur life as he left he took everything

17 09 13-01:06:55

- Johny_Walker was really nice......i think u were inspired a lot ....specially few lines were awesome

15 09 12-11:12:20

- ravi65love

Sweet blog dianee , true feelings , its really make me in depth when i read those words of yours..... Great , appreciated my friend (hug)

08 09 12-20:12:31

- suresh1212

Hmmmmm notbad am understud littlemuch,but nice love is not appreciable for me

08 09 12-12:13:04

- ceezan

Amazing best buddy! u write somthing and it wont touch hearts, thats not possible..! mmm bt it made me lil sad also na so cnt writ much....

08 09 12-12:10:33


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