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(hearts)IntrOduCtioN Of ShAwN(heart)ArBia(hearts)



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DrEamYgaL DrEamYgaL:

(hearts)IntrOduCtioN Of ShAwN(heart)ArBia(hearts) *

01-02-11 - 13:15:39

blocked_user blocked_user:

¤ Heyya sweet judges n oda couple n al d viewers:p of r0ck-0n planet.....
M here g0na introduce myself (shawn) n ma
sweet as h0ney....... cute as a rose........lovely lyk a princess....... n ad0rable as angel...... partner n d love of ma lyf.......¤

(cute) (heart) (arbia) (heart) (love) (cute) *

01-02-11 - 19:56:05

blocked_user blocked_user:

ahem !! Ahem ! S0 letz start d task first wid ma intro... Dnt worry wil finish it in short(hehe) so u wnt get b0rd wid me:p s0oo0 it goes (evilaugh) *

01-02-11 - 19:56:25

blocked_user blocked_user:

as evry1 ea kn0ws me as (shawn) bt ma real name
(star) Uman Khan (star)
which many ea kn0ws n0w..:p m frm d city of dreams mumbai ,india... At present pursuing ma finals in engineering... Wel itz tym to m0ve on ma behaviour n nature which might b unkn0wn to odas... M amazing, sweet:p gentle, funny n loving bt only to ma love..friends...n to d 1 who deserves it... M n0t good at al tym.. Ma m0od keeps on changing lyk d waves of d sea (ohoh)...but d things which r stable in me n aw0ez wil b z ma
h0nesty, careness, love n helpfulness n true dedication to any relation...(yesh)
these r d things which makes me different frm odas n ppl n ma frnds n ma love thinks dat m
good, decent, cute, innocent(innocent) though i realy dnt knw abt it :p... Ok wel datz enough abt me as ma belovd partnr wil introduce me pers0naly to u al(hehe)

01-02-11 - 19:56:46

blocked_user blocked_user:

so herez ma sweet barbie doll n d princess of ma heart
juz showing ma love in poetic way:p hope itz romantic (hehe)lol
....You changed my world with a blink of an eye... That is something that I can not deny... You put my soul from worst to best.... That is why I treasure you my dearest
(love)...You just don\\\'t know what you have done for me... You even pushed me to the best that I can be... You really are an angel sent from above... To take care of me and shower with love....
When I\\\'m with you I will not cry even a single a tear.... And your touch have chased away all of my fear.... You have given me a life that I could live worthwhile.... It is even better everytime you smile... (inlovo)I wish I could talk til the end of day... But now I\\\'m running out of things to say... So I\\\'ll end by the line you already know... \\\'I LOVE YOU\\\' more than what I could show.... well tym to start her intro (declare) so juz kn0w ma gal frm me
(wink) *

01-02-11 - 19:57:29

blocked_user blocked_user:

¤ so here i g0na tel abt ma belovd partnr in pers0nal n0t much bt which can b shared ¤
¤ so let me start d intro of ma partnr (cute) (arbia) (cute) alias
(star) Marie Lathisia.... (star)
the innocent, caring, loving n mysteri0us g0th gal
n ma LovE (crazyinlov)

Arbia is a 19 years old gal..b0rn on 12th march 1991... Bt brought in france... Shez living in france since shez b0rn... Shez d eldest of 3 sis n youngr to 1 bro... She love her dad vry much... Her dad is d light of her life her n taut n inspired her alot... Her dad z frm india... N m0m frm vietnam... Shez frm d love city Paris.. France.. she love her youngest sis linda.. A cute n lovely sis... Shez doing final in b.com n a bright n sincere student of her clg... She w0n many prizes 4 her studies n dance n made her parents specialy her dad... Her native place is Pondicherry, Tamil nadu in s0uth india. Her fav color z black n red lyk me n fav dish r biryani..vietnam soup n al french dishes...hmmm datz al abt her family background(wink) *

01-02-11 - 19:57:59

blocked_user blocked_user:

apart frm her being a brilliant student, she kn0ws 5 international language...shez crazy for dance.. music.. bikes lyk me (love)... Shez a fantastic n talented dancer. Shez has been inspired by mj 4 her dancing n singing. She evn kn0w moonwalk. Her fav singers r Mj, rihana..m0hombi..justin bieber, atif aslam n jay sean...n shez a gud singr t0o:p...she can dance in many form lyk hiphop.. dancehall... zoukk.. breakdance... locking n popping... She kn0ws singing t0o.. Her v0ice z sweet lyk h0ney (toohappy) i stil remembr her voice going on ma head wen she said i love u... dance n music acts as a drug 4 her... She aw0ez take paticipate in dance competition n aw0ez win d competition... Shez truely devoted to her
dance... Love..Dance.. N music r her passi0n by love i mean me (shy)
hmmm n0w abt her gudness of nature wel wrds cnt express it.. Shez innocent.. talented.. Friendly wid evry1.. Hum0r0us n helpful 4 all.. She can neva see her friends or me sad n aw0ez disturb thm :pshez cute n adorable friend dat evry pers0n wants t0 make her friend... Undrstanding n calm nature r her gift frm g0d.. Aw0ez calm evn though shez angry she neva express to any1 except me(blush)... M vry lucky to get her as ma love... I luv her alot...

01-02-11 - 19:59:28

blocked_user blocked_user:

Shez an angel sent frm d heaven for me to love me n make ma life w0rthliving.. M hot tempered n vry bad at tyms bt she usd to bear evrything quietly wid0ut complaining datz her cool nature... I evn shout at her evryday (shy) bt she neva complain dat m bad or rude.. Bt aw0ez love me 4 wat i am...
if today u people find me fun loving, joyful n cool al d credits go t0 ma love (arbia)(love)
... Her lyking n interest is t0 disturb n b0thr me evrytym wid her stupid n silly questions... I think G0d did a mistake by sending an adorable angel to a devil like me.. Bt itz alrdy done so i wil take dis angel n make her mine 1 day.. INSHALLAH... Hattz off to u baby realy m proud of u ma love... Weneva i remembr ma old days.. I feel h0w much she beard ma angr 4 no reas0n... Bt ya itz n0t only me who fyts.. She also fyt wid me evrytym...(gr)

01-02-11 - 19:59:59

blocked_user blocked_user:

She loves to fyt wid me 4 evry reas0n...:p she says m her ice dat melts her angr... Dir were bittr tyms wen we were apart she aw0ez said dat to leave her alone bt i aw0ez usd to(poke) her.. M her cute devil (blush2)... Lyk an angel she is aw0ez rdy to protect me:p make me happy n rem0ve ma pain... All I can say z dat no1 had eva lovd me so crazily n truely... Shez a lovable gal n i thnx ma stars n ALLAH dat sended dis beautiful, loving n caring gal for me... Shez truely a geniune n reservd nature gal n shez ma love (shyin-away) wel wrds wil neva end if i continue say abt her whole day n nyt bt stil tried to give her intro in short...(love) i love u baby
a short love poem 4 ma cute love
I love you so deeply, I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice... And the way that we touch...I love your warm smile And your kind, thoughtful way, The joy that you bring To my life every day. I love you today As I have from the start, And I\'ll love you forever With all of my heart.
wel dat was al abt ma love n partnr h0pe u al enjoyd it (ole) *

01-02-11 - 20:24:31

MoOnBabE MoOnBabE:

(wavin-hi) Hey Judges Welcome To You (ole)
Here I\'ll Start By IntroduCing MySeLf In A ShorT wAY... =)

01-02-11 - 21:55:50

MoOnBabE MoOnBabE:

No1 Dont Know Abt Me Here :p LoL :) Im (arbia) Alias [b]Lathisia
19 YeaRs 0ld Gal, Am A SoutH IndiaN & VieTNaMeeSe GaL Fr0M France (wink) Studying B.com Final Year... ! I think I\\\\\\\'ll Stop Here Because My Partner Will Tell yU About Me...(extrawink) *

01-02-11 - 22:07:39


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