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Hello Everyone..(wave1)...This is our Submission for the Game one as Challengers...Hope U all have a good time reading and enjoying it...(reading)....We have spent good amount of time in writing an entertaining..Sequels and prequel for U all..Hop U have a pleasant time...Wish everyone Good Luck...(wishuluck)..Thank U...(ole)...



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ZeRo ZeRo:

Hello Everyone..(wave1)...This is our Submission for the Game one as Challengers...Hope U all have a good time reading and enjoying it...(reading)....We have spent good amount of time in writing an entertaining..Sequels and prequel for U all..Hop U have a pleasant time...Wish everyone Good Luck...(wishuluck)..Thank U...(ole)... *

17-05-13 - 22:20:10

GorGEouZ_DoLL GorGEouZ_DoLL:

Birds dat live besides d lake ll fly away wen d lake dries up. But d loutus dat grows in d same lake ll die wid d lake. Thats d commitmnt of true love.

This is a unfinish love story of tamanna and roushan. Tamanna a simple indian girl. But in indias caste system her only and only acquaintance is she is a hindu girl.

1day she did her biggest mistake. She fall in love wit a muslim boy. But after 66 years of our freedom a girl jus only a girl. She has no her own choice. If she wanna stand up on her legs dats a crime, if she wanna cry wit alone dats a crime, if she wanna loves some1 dats a crime. But love doesnt know wat is crime.

1day wen twilight falling on roushans hair tamanna met him 1st. ^Yes dat is my dream 4 whom i waiting 4 somany years^....dey both think. May be dis love called love at 1st sight. But der no written in both in deir eyes dat who r dey. Tamanna wanna touch d sky wit holding d roushans hands. Dey start 2 write deir love story on each other lips and dis momnt witness was only rain

Start a another love story which can be a successful love story. But may be god wanna somtng difrnt.Dey both decide dey ll marry. Wen tamanna informed dis 2 her family........after dat dis story ripe only jus a story. Tamanna dnt know wat happened after dat. Wat happened wit roushan. But still now she waiting 4 roushan. And tamanna know dat roushan ll come 1 day 4 touch d sky wit her. And he ll sure come...... *

18-05-13 - 01:41:00

NitEsH_ NitEsH_:

»»» Roshan, being an orphan, was living with his big bro from when he was only of 8 yrs. He belonged to a community where every second person thinks that I Am Da Only King Of This Community!(mwahaha) Roshan lost his parents only due to this very reason. His Parents were Assasinated (killerr){when Roshan was 8 yrs old} as they were dominant personalities in da community & they didnt let others to Rule The Rest Community(warn).

On the other hand, at the time of their {parents} assassination, Roshan & his bro were at school. (learning) When Roshan & his bro returned home, {after knowing that their parents were killed by the cruel community(astound)} they decided to take revenge from them.(veliangry) But, they didnt even know who were the culprits!(nixwix) so they went to police station, but police department refused to investigate the matter.(detective)

So, both brothers went to a MILITARY SCHOOL & learnt all the GOLDEN RULES! (soldier)They were very much eager to take revenge for their parents^ assassination & that^s the reason why they both became TOPPERS among all military schools at national level.(medalholder) But after being Officers,(furiouscop) both were left with nothing except their work. They sold everything to learn The Law. But, infact this is what they wanted. And after getting sufficient time from their work, they returned their community, (evilplan)keeping revenge in their mind!(farewell) But, whatever happened there was totally different. . . ... *

18-05-13 - 06:11:38

vpanditt vpanditt:

on the other side Tammana is continously waiting for his love that he ll come 1 day n take her away frm this cruel world....roushan who is very eager to take revenge of his parents death also think bout her..

one day when roushan is passing through tammana\'s house he saw tammana on window...and after tht he try many times to meet with tammana but he does\'nt succeed...:( but 1 day when tammana is returning frm college after giving her exam both of them meet with each other n decided to meet in college canteen next day after exam..both r very happy...but god wants some thing else...

n time comes when both r sitting in canteen n seeing each other face ..trying to say something with eachother... suddenly tammana says (eyes full of tears) -where u gone leaving me alone to fight with this world ???.... Both r enjoying the company of each other in such a way tht he/she is whole world for him/her..they r dreaming for future.....n suddenly a voice came frm back of them......\"Tammmannaa\"...

when tammana turned back she shocked fully schocked ....she doesn\'t know wht to do..or.. wht to say... she stands like statue..the person who stands back side is her brother...he just came n slapped (slap1):.:p tammana n take her back to home...n Roushan who is still there in canteen not know wht to do...:(...n after tht he try many times to meet her but not succeed....he always think bout her.....after tht meeting...

N when he does not able to meet tammana n his heart is full sadness:.:(..he starts (wine)..n (beer1) n became habitual of (wine) like his mind is floating in 2 direction ... He also wanna take revenge..n on other hand he also wanna tammana.......n wht is going to happened is still secret....:p


18-05-13 - 13:44:10

ZeRo ZeRo:

Roushan had lost hope in life now…after coming out of hospital(fedup)(sobsob2)but the revenge was still burning…(khuni). So he wiped his tears and said..I NEED LIQUOR…as he said that he found that his front teeths were missing…(teeth)the area was very down trodden so he could see a Desi bar only(drunkard)…when he reached,he checked his pockets but theres no money..(gidea) he could see a full bottle of beer..outside..he looked here and one in he held the bottle it was warm..but who cared…he gulped the whole bottle at one go..(beer)It tasted different and bad…suddenly he heard someone laugh(keshto mukherji style)..(bevada)(hahaha)He came out from the shadow and said YEE HE….M Noora Honkey…and what u drank was my pee…roushan(puke)Noora calmed him down and heard Roshans story…(conversation)He was deeply touched and thought of helping his..PEE-Friend.(fclap).he called his brother Gajodhar to help him take the revenge…(grouphug)
Atnite..they climbed the walls of the assassinators house but everytime ..Noora wud pee from above and all feel they entered the house through the manhole..all stinky…(stink)the dogs barked and to safeguard themselves…Roushan Kicked(kick)noora..he was retired hurt with a dogbite on ass… (supadoggy)Somehow both enter go separate…Gajodhar dint find in other rooms so when he cameback whr Roushan was….he saw man sleeping in bed with face towards wall and roshan..lying on the floor he with no pulse..he cried out loud..My friend is dead..all in the house rushed to the room…A woman said..Shit...then another said shit…A girl running into the room said..Gosh I heard someones dead..n..this stink will kill us all..
Sleeping Dhondhu woke up..whos dead..i dint kill anyone(innocent)…Gajodhar accused..Dhondhu killed roshan…Familys worried what wudve do...Police will take dhondhu... family disgraced.wht abt daughter whose wedding was broken…so they called….Pir Fakir Baba 421…One step ahead 420(cool-yogi) to solve it…Baba arrived on his grandfathers Bicycle(cycle)which had no tyres but only the Rim…As he arrived..he said…bhrrum bhrrum fhat…and…(faint1)All ran to baba and woke him up…he opened eyes..n said..U called 2 kill me..what poisonous gas is it.?(stink).All explained..baba sprayed(perfume2)to wipeout the stink…And said..dhodhu hv2 die.we will say..he died fighting thieves..All agreed afterall Dhodhus a useless fatass..who only eats..10 ppls food..(bhukkad)…the girl dint want her brother dead(funeral)..But (upset)dhondhu went ahead..tied himself to ceiling…the girl caught his legs…Dhondhu dint listen..suddenly....DHHAAAD….which woke up retired-hurt Noora.. who again needed to Pee…Inside dhodhu ..I m dead…I can see the stars…(slap1)someone slapped him hard..and said…idiot..the ceiling collapsed…All were worried (worried2)wht2 do…The girls teeths(teeth)was broken during her brothers fall..
Noora appeared..wheres bathroom..Emergency!!!…bt he peed on the body…
Roushan woke up and said..Not again Noora.!!!!!....all were happy to see she the shit covered man wake up…All asked what happened to you..Roshan said this fat ass farted and gagged my lungs with dangerous fumes..which knocked me out..roushan caught the collar of Dhondhu and said..I m roushan..U killed my parents …Dhondhu explained that radical muslims and Hindu wanted rites and fued between the communities…(swordfyt)which he found out and Roushans parents died in accident and not assassinated….suddenly the girl with broken teeth (teeth)woke up and hugged the shit drenched man.(tighthug).It was Tamanna..
Roushan said Gosh..Ur his sister…and explained abt accident..all now being relieved approved their relation as it is better than going to jail and disgrace…All were happy..
when Noora said..I need to Go again…wheres the Bathroom…
All shouted harmoniously….NOT AGAIN NOORA…GET OUT…..(shout)
Noora said…: YEE HE…Okies..

Moral: Love and forgiveness prevails over revenge and makes everyone happy N drink less beer

19-05-13 - 00:56:41

ZeRo ZeRo:

Now Nishika will finish it with Prequel of the story *

19-05-13 - 00:57:42

ZeRo ZeRo:

Dear all...(wave1)this is our submission of story...Gross title is Love,friendship n revenge--Blah Blah...which started with 1) Romance--GorGEouZ_DoLL....2)Revenge--Noxious...3)Tragedy--Vpanditt...4)Sad war--Shrihemz...5)Drama--Nazar/lost_n_found....6) Comedy Climax--imsammy..and 7)Prequel-Lovely Friendship---Nishika.. I thank everyone for their time support and help..Special thanks to Nishika and Nazar for helping our teams..(ole)..Hope everyone likes it..(thankzoo) *

19-05-13 - 01:10:05

NitEsH_ NitEsH_:

@Akhil(whip)thanx for that terrible rating(slapper)where u r slipping(khuni1) *

19-05-13 - 10:35:18

livEwirE livEwirE:

Rating By The Judges On Team Challengers Are As Follows ::) *

19-05-13 - 18:29:13

livEwirE livEwirE:

PM By: Judge 1

Challengers: imsammy =7.5/10 noxious= 9.5/10 nazar=6/10 srihemz= 8/10 titli= 8.5/10 nishika= 9/10 vpandit= 7/10 *

19-05-13 - 18:30:56

livEwirE livEwirE:

PM By: Judge 2

whole challengers team did gd team vise and individualy too . srihemz-9.7, lost-n-found-8, Nazar-8, N0X10U5-9.7, vpanditt-9.7, GorGEouZ_DoLL- 9.6, iimsammy -9.8 *

19-05-13 - 18:32:43


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