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Hello Champs(wavin-hi)
Other than you whom you want to see the winner of Ultimate Champion name only one mandatory:p and why???



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CrAzyJeSsi CrAzyJeSsi:

Hello Champs(wavin-hi)
Other than you whom you want to see the winner of Ultimate Champion name only one mandatory:p and why??? *

28-05-13 - 20:57:22

NitEsH_ NitEsH_:

Only One!(sthink)MaXpaYne(maxpayne)

If i Would Not Been Playing This Game As Co-Participant, i Would Have Selected Akhil Or -DON_VenkaT- Blindly! As This is The First Game During My RC Life:p in Which i^m Seeing MaXpaYne Playing As Participant! And Akhil Seemed Idol in Most Of The Games He Participated in!(yu)And For DoN_VenkaT, He is The Most Experienced Gamer Of RC Events!

But, After Having Competition With Him in This Ultimate Champion For The First Time, i Got it Why People Call Him Maximum Pain! He Really Deserve This Title(yesh)Starting With Luck in RCL^s Task, He Proved Himself As Fast N Furious in BvG^s Task, And Also Clean Sweeped By Gaining Immunity Points in Performance Task Of Mr. And Mrs. Rock-On!(claps)He Played Exactly Like His Own RockStar^s Game Named MAXPAYNE(shoot)In Which Player : Maxpayne Enters The Base Of Enemy Without Any Armour And Kills All The Enemies Fearlessly!(killerr)And Rules The Place!(mwahaha)In This Ultimate Champion Game Too, MaXpaYne Havent Used Any Powerup Yet And Still Leading EveryBody!(urock) On The Other Hand, He Readly Completed Tasks Before Other Participants! Being Owner How He Manages Time For The Task, Only He Himself Knows!(ayos3)Also, In Real Life, Being Married He Must Be Getting Very Less Leisure Hours But, Still He^s Ruling(irule)Leaving All The Barriers Behind!(thaithai)Best Of Luck To Him!(rocker)
This is All i Wanna Say(blah)i Stop Hereby!!!(zipped)

(devily-snookerball) *

28-05-13 - 21:28:42

ZeRo ZeRo:

A very Good Question Judge Jessi….But Before naming the person I will start with a poem from one of the lines in my into topic.

Champion is not the person with most wins but most guts
He is the one who can deal with all the IFs and BUTs

He will run He will Fall a numerous times,
But his courage kicks him going..Its the courage which always Shines

He wakes up Every time like the phoenix from the ashes
For Him The pain of losing is not a wound but just carefree rashes

Live and Let Live is his motto..
He loves his Idol Ajit who stays in his heart and He is with him in his photo.

If you thought he weak or lost n You thought He is Gone…
You are mistaken Becoz in his game He is the King and He is pawn.

He may have played 20 and just 2 Won…
His spirit is never tiring and he is never done…

A Champion never stops with a defeating death…Becoz a win makes him Re-born.
Yes, Everyone I am talking about none other than Our friendly DON.

I guess, the above is self explanatory whom and why I have chosen DON as the person whom I want to see as the winner other than myself..
Request you to rate my answer..(ole) Sharky *

28-05-13 - 21:35:44

MaXpaYne MaXpaYne:

Let me start, As ramya said that question is to whom you want to see as the winner apart from you. not who should win the game. Then i will choose Dreamygal. Hence dreamy dont have so many immunity points coz she lost in cricket, but cricket is luck based game totaly. She loosed that and eliminated. Further she was unable to win the musical chair for gals but all gals was clean sweepet in that game. We should not blame to dreamy only for boys winning. She performed good in tasks which was not team game. (did we played any ?? :p). Let me correct myself, she performed good in all tasks except musical chair.
these are the reasons which can be counted but i am not choosing dreamy for these reasons. Basic reason behind this is somewhere i am feeling that we are playing our last game with dreamy. May be we will not get any chance to play with her. she is going to marry very soon and we all knows that life of gals are unpredictable after ,marriege. I wish that she will be busy with her kids and hubby that she will not think about login even. But as i told you may be we are seeing her playing her last game. I want to see her till last stand. Finale. i wish that she will win her last game. After all she is grandma of all players in this event :p, i mean she is the one in players who tought us to play the games. She was the host or judge of me, akhil, don. Everyone of us had played task, game hosted or judged by her. Somewhere she is teacher of all of us and evryone respectes his/her teacher. Me too. You can stop me to play but you can not stop me to wish. And i wish a glorious victory for dreamy here and a prosperous life in her inlaws. I think i made my choice as well as reason behind that very clear. I know winner will be who deserve it, but wishes are connected to heart and heart demands stupid things sometimes. *

28-05-13 - 21:43:07

Raptur3 Raptur3:

Thank God the question is whom I wish to see as the winner of Ultimate Champion rather than who deserves it. And even if d question is about who deserves to b, doesn^t make much difference. Coz he wont b here among us if he is not worth it. So either way I hope der wud be no chaos and complaints here. The person whom I like to see as d winner is our hunter Leo. And I hav a reason too. It was me who robbed his chance of being the Showstopper by taking his name in d vote out last year. Even den he took it easily nd dint show any disappointment towards me. Dats wat is needed in any champ. He participated in almost all d games here in RC without bothering about d results. He has gud commitment, creativity nd skills but stil his luck nd emotions are a major cause for his defeat. So I guess if he wins dis title, he wud be more confident about d future games in RC nd I wud really be happy for him. :) *

28-05-13 - 21:55:34

DrEamYgaL DrEamYgaL:

Y shud i gv my title 2 other(pakiko) but ok as u askd so i hv 2 ans it(teeth) Wel m bit c0nfused abt diz ans n between 2 champz, cz i pers0nally like this b0th champz akhil & maxpayne as a gamer. But as u said 0nly 1 name so i wud like 2 see maxpayne as a ultimate champi0n cz he desrv it and till nw he had d0ne a gr8 j0b in al his task dat we cn see in sc0reb0ard(smile). Moreovr he is talentd, creative, geni0us:p and vry much dedicated. hez g0t dat attitude which a champ shud hv. and kn0ws hw 2 play a game like a gamer(wink). *

28-05-13 - 23:34:07

PrinCE_lEO PrinCE_lEO:

Here r all champions coming from different Rc games .. all have ability to change the game.

Among all here is a champ who is very dedicated to game .She is doing her best in all tasks Of Ultimate Champion & proved her authority to become tHE reAL Ultimate Champ .She is none other than Showstopper (_ramya_) aka lost-n-found .

From the first game TTT Tournament I m seeing her struggling for hard work .RaMyA proved herself as a gamer through Showstopper -No Mercy .She was nock out throughout that whole evil game & recorded her name in most famous Rc game as winner .She is doing a job in life & has no free time yet she is performing her task with great efforts.

Although her Ranking in this game is @08 yet she is kicking the records of most experienced gamers .

As livewire also said in introduction topic »» Ramya Has The Spark & Ability Which A Champion Should Have, Her Weakness Is That She Is Less Manipulative & She Believes In Her Performance Only.

Its Easy To Lose & Hard To Found...Dont You Dare To Battle On ShowStoppers Ground !

Thats why I would like to see (_ramya_) as Ultimate champion other than me !!(smile) *

29-05-13 - 00:30:56

imusika imusika:

(eddy)Why did you make it hard for us to read! (ras)
well , everyone have da rights to his/her opinion so how can I rate dis? (haha)

.: im gonna give Lost 10/10 and da rest is 9/10 .. She didnt look for the stats but for the fighting spirit of a champ :)

-- oOps . U cant reject my ratings! (haha) but u can kill me in pms. (ras) *

29-05-13 - 01:46:57

CrAzyJeSsi CrAzyJeSsi:

Well my question n my rating too(haha2)

so every one gets 1Zero


29-05-13 - 03:45:45



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