Neither this is a weekly contest nor its a main event. This is open contest which will give you a direct chances to earn 2000 pluses. All you have to do is to write essay/article about Rockchat. if your article will be selected, you will be rewarded by 2000 pluses. Word limit is minimum 500 words.
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MaXpaYne MaXpaYne:

Neither this is a weekly contest nor its a main event. This is open contest which will give you a direct chances to earn 2000 pluses. All you have to do is to write essay/article about Rockchat. if your article will be selected, you will be rewarded by 2000 pluses. Word limit is minimum 500 words.
(star) CONTEST IS OPEN FOREVER. There Is No Time Limit For This Contest. Rockers Can Keep Participating In This Contest And Win Pluses.

=== Rules ===

(bullet5)2,000 Pluses will be awarded for each selected article
(bullet5)You can post as many articles as you want. If more than one article posted by you will be seleted. You will get 2,000 pluses per article.
(bullet5) poorly written i.e. With lots of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistake articles will be promptly deleted.
(bullet5) copy pasted material will be promptly deleted.
(bullet5)Your posts shall be in continuation, if you are posting your article in more than one post.
(bullet5)Do not post useless comments in this topic.
(bullet5)All members are allowed in this contest, including all staff and winners.
(bullet5)Only English Language will be accepted *

03-07-13 - 11:18:09

ansul579 ansul579:

(claps) CONGRATS(claps)
Nice Detailed Essay About Rockchat. 2000+s Updated

Whenever we think about a chatting site, the very first words come in our mind WHAT IS CHAT? Sm people thnk dat chatting is merely killing time, sm think it a way to amusemen and sm come here in search of friends or partners. Lemme define it in my words CHATTING IS A WAY TO EXPRESS UER INWARD FEELINGS OF MIND, BODY ND PERHAPS SOUL BEFORE AN INVISIBLE COMPANY. Now a question arises WHAT SHOULD AND SHOULDNT WE SHARE ON CHAT? but thr is a simple answer ,friends, rock on with whatever comes from uer inside , no need to check u but always respect the feelings of uer partner, and there are a lot of sites which fullfil uer hidden expections about uer dream world , now i come to the topic what makes ROCKCHAT a unique rocking site, 1. a person needs privacy and safety and here are certain BAN and Tarash Rules that keeps privacy of every user 2. Limitation always maintain craze to our emotion and RC limits many thngs dat help to keep respect nd dignity of users 3. Every mind is tempted to certain field like jokes games politics and even sex also:p lol and here r chatrooms of your choice 4. A reliable feature of private uploads ensure users to maintain personal relation but mind if u upload adult cöntent in public gallery, ur existance here is in danger coz this site doesn help in increasing public nudity 6. Here r staff members always ready to help u , every user has a tool to block a user or report against abuser or mis behave. 8. U cn use a nice way to express uer feelings through smileys:) 9. On line help by staff is a unique feature of dis site 10. Besides chat , dis site provides cricket scores lol u dont need to pay electricity bill 4 dat nw i wud like to share my own experince abt dis site. I m a member here more dan a here nd i really didnt make 2 many frnds here bt i m contented wd d frnds i got and all my chat history gv me a new experience to make improvment in me. I got certain manners to talk in limitation, to expose my feelings b4 right person, to share wats right and wats wrng on chat etc. I hav edited my previous post bcoz i misundrstd words limit max to 500 bt i feel dat i hv a million words to write 4 dis site, sm users and even me too smtimes feel dat staff get wrng benifits of thr power bt wen thnk wd cool mind, its really essential to be harsh and rude 4 staff on certain occasions to maintain healthy environment on dis site. Friends, keep certain thngs in our mind wen u r a member of dis site . Always respect the rules coz every rule has a purpose and if u try to break d rules u r trying to creat problem wd u nd to d environment of dis site as well. Enjoy wd watever u want bt being a human u need to be respectful to every user so dnt force him /her in such a talk dat he/she doesnt like to do its against general law of being a civilised human. Mind it, u r nt living in society without law and rockchat is nt only a miniature of society bt a society in itself. Smtimes v commit mistake unwillingly or against a rule dat v dont knw and as a result these cruel staff member trash or ban us (ras) but friends to err is to human, these staff members r simple persons like us so instead of getting mad and using foul words , just calm down and appeal against to the concerned authority i hope u vl be heard sympathecially , i say it as per my own experience, nt making u too much bored i wud just like to say that ENJOY AND LET ENJOY with the opportunity of being a member of (rockchat1) thank u
TOTAL WORDS : 687 words *

03-07-13 - 12:19:47

hArIrOcKr hArIrOcKr:

Hi friends. Its a honour for me to introduce about a stunning chat portal. It is the place where you never feel sad, alone or abused. It is the place where you think best way to get friends across the globe. I give you ultimate chat portal ROCKCHAT.
First of all i would like to give you a brief introduction about rockchat. Here in rockchat we welcome all people from various nations to be friends under a single family knwn as rockchat. Its my pleasure to say you people that you can enjoy company of different
Now coming to features of ROCKCHAT.
1.We provide u with variety of fun materials to enjoy your stay here.
2. U can enjoy in chatting in different chatrooms.
3. We here give you a abuse free environment, and provide u privacy.
4. U can upload ur phphotos here.
5. Here we provide you with staff who take care of newbies with all the information needed to use all the facilities of this chat portal.
*Note: Please check about all the terms and conditions which should be strictly followed.
My personal experience of stay in rockchat.
This chat portal has brought me a new friends who are awesome. My stay here bought me much fun, knowledge. I enjoy my time here with chat. The best thing about this chat portal which i love the most is SIMILEY codes.
When you cant express your feeling just use a similey. I love the rules here. Itz simply awesome. Finally itz the best chat portal to enjoy your time. I love ROCKCHAT.
TOTAL WORDS : 265 words
Words Count Less!! Article Rejected !! *

03-07-13 - 13:49:47


Rockchat is not only a chatsite but also like a funworld.For me rockchat is a wonderland where i have found many wonderful people and friends.There is a relation of love,care and freindship between all rockchat users.By rockchat we can know about other country and culture.We can also share our thoughts by posting topics.Rockchat gives full security to every members.It is fully spamfree,abuseless chatsite.I spend my maximum time at rockchat.And i also hope oneday rockchat will be the most popular chatsite :)
TOTAL WORDS : 81 words
Words Count Less!! Article Rejected !! *

03-07-13 - 13:53:48

TrOuBlE_MaKeR TrOuBlE_MaKeR:

(hya) Hi Everybody Let Me Tell

About Our Loving (love)


(rockchat1) Is A Chatsite Which Is

Like A Family To Me With

Wonderful And Caring Friends

The Members , Staffs , Owners

All My Friends Are Cool And

Caring (cowboy) (fclap).

(star) (rockchat1) Is A DreamLand

Full Of Love (love) Friendship

(gimmefive) And Fun (ura) And

When SoMeone Joins Rc They

BecoMe Addicted To It (love) And

It BecoMes Impossible To Live

Without It. (star)

(blossom) (rockchat1) Is

a Place To Have And Fun And

HangouT It Is Full Of AwsoMe

Features All The Staffs And

Owners Work Hard (exercise)To Make Rc

More Awsome By Adding New

Features And Hosting Games (ps)

WithouT Any Doubt It Is The Best

And AwsoMe Site Ever. I Love

Rockchat Very Much. (blossom)
TOTAL WORDS : 129 words
Words Count Less!! Article Rejected !! *

03-07-13 - 15:36:22

sathis sathis:

ok i wil try my level best .and i write the best article.rochchat is the one and only place to get new friends in various countries.share beautiful thoughts to others.and here you can get maximum responses from the members.i think this is the one and only site stilll no1 ranking.i get more enjoy from this site.i really like it because very quick chat and received also.not only messages peoples playing gamerand share cricket score alro.
TOTAL WORDS : 76 words
Words Count Less!! Article Rejected !! *

03-07-13 - 15:56:50

StrAnGeR StrAnGeR:

\\\"Whatever is expressed is impressed. Whatever you say to yourself, with emotion, generates thoughts, ideas and behaviors consistent with those words\\\" one day one of my frnd suggsts me to use rockchat from dat day i am regular user of rc and i love to be here i found it really intersting the chatrooms here are very good \\\"For all these years of moral support and unswerving loyalty, Accept my thanks and gratitude, My dear family!

I know it wasn’t always easy but for loving me, I owe you my best thanks.

For your patience and kindness, For your invaluable advices and devotion, Please, accept my deep appreciation,

Please, accept my vehement protestation of gratitude, dear\\\"….. i love to make frnds here all dat iwant to say is i love rc and all the people are here very supportive thnaks for all ur support i wanna thnx all my frnds to whom i can share my feelings ideas and evrything its just like family and more than that........i love rc
TOTAL WORDS : 170 words
Words Count Less!! Article Rejected !! *

03-07-13 - 16:26:29

blocked_user blocked_user:

Ya its a good contest to have a such competition because it not only earn plusss but also help us by improving our expression and views on a respective subject. Rockchat is one of the website where we can heartly enjoy our chatting and making friend by sharing our view,happiness,sadness, loneliness,etc etc. Its one of the portal which is abe to create and another world we can have faith in the people and can make relation with them just by chatting and sharing ourself.
the good thing is about this portal is \\\" All are Equally Placed Under Yhis Roof\\\" irrespective of caste,religion,nation etc etc
Love Rockchat and hope it go on improving and being a user friendly portal :) (smile)
TOTAL WORDS : 121 words
Words Count Less!! Article Rejected !! *

03-07-13 - 17:17:20

aajiz aajiz:

my topic abt rockchat is something different hope it wl be read carefully. Abt 6 mnths back i joined rock chat and fortunately met a sincere frnd. I ws nt aware abt the rules and i asked her contact no. She told me itz nt allowed here n we both wl get banned and soon i recieved warning msg from a gentleman kash by name. Before doing any other violation he banned me for 3 months and i lost my best frnd.
I begged the banner to unban me bcoz i was nt aware of rules. Bt nothing favourable.
Today i got the chance to ask
if i was banned before doing any violation second time then wtz the fun of warning or notice
whn the banner did nt respond to my appeal of innocence then why has been kept appeal option.
If this site provides users a good chance to meet good friends then why it prevents users to share any contact iofo and leaves them weeping.
Can the banner bring my friend back to me.
No doubt rockchat has many users bt none should forget drop and drop make oceans.
Every user is important.
Staff member should b helpful nt like hitler.
Nothing lasts for ever. Zero cn touch the limits and limits cn come to zero.
To make rockchat progresive staff should b friendly to normal user. Thanks
TOTAL WORDS : 231 words
Words Count Less!! Article Rejected !! *

03-07-13 - 17:18:29

blocked_user blocked_user:

(claps) CONGRATS(claps)
Superbly Written And Very Well Explained. 2000+s Updated

----- By Selection Team.
(blossom)1st Article(blossom)

What could possibly be the topic of the Article concerning RC Rock Chat. Well without losing a moment vain, I Came with the topic finally the same (f1)CONCERNING_ROCKCHAT(f1) :) So here am i starting with my words about the site Rock chat.


Surely im not enough an old user to discuss here the origin of the site, well being a newbie of half a dozen months, i am just going to post here about the initiative and qualities of the site. Not specifically how it works, but what it works and about what it works.

Actually the site ofcourse is of a compositely unique ideas used for creating ideas, capabilities, exposure of ideas, and many other along with some dark factors of the site, which is not only with this site but being as a chat site its being very common to such sites. So here we go with some categorical arrangement of the specification of the site ROCKCHAT.

(f1)CHATROOMS: (f1)
Chatroom are there in this site for their conveyance and conversation with other users of their country or other. These are not only used for friendly chat and gupshup but also one can use it to bring peace and understand what is going on in other countries. However Chatrooms of RC brings the following things with it..

(f1)Friends: One can easily find friends on RC, its quite easy when you have chatroom.

(f1)Memories: Memories are one of the assets left behind in these chatrooms.

(f1)Experience: Now thats an interesting point of chatrooms of RC, where you judge people by your own brain and categorize them as foolish, stupid, innocent, pervert, creative, kind, helpful, genourous, blah blah blah..

(f1)KnowHow: Chatrooms of RC can definitely arrange your thought in a helpful way, like you see staff there helping people or guiding, taking and issuing orders, which in case of any worry in future can be helpful increasing your knowhow..

(f1)Fun: This is what a chat is really for most of the wise say. :) So be it.. Take your time, play, dance, sing and have fun with roomies..

(f1)Unity: We could unite in a chatroom. forexample when in any country a serious calamity occur and somebody is in need of real help in instants, we can easily provide help, we can put slogans for unity, we can unite nations, religions and people believing we are one as a human.


This feature of the rock chat is interesting. most wisely i used it for Knowlege and creative purposes. And ignored everybody that trapped my path for that. One should be like that in order to be helpful not only to the other party but also for himself. Have a look on its salient features of ROck Chat.

(f1)Time Pass: Well time pass here is not a specifically foolished idea of sparing your time doing none!! or sitting idle like a night owl. it is to pass your time having something creative in pms. To ask someone of how they are doing. Or to help someone about anything they feel problem.

(f1)Exhibition: Exhibition of art through pm or gallery can be useful, like you call anybodys attention to your stuff and motivate him/her for feedback. this can be useful and its probably done through pms. The same is now im doing here.

(f1)Activism and ideas: You can 100% activate your people in this RC, through pm and general text messages through inbox, like what to do about what. etc

(f1)THE FORUMS: (f1)
This is indeed the brain of RC Chatsite. A mind blowing place to create and study brains. Or I should say the Brain of RC here tells what is going on next and next and next..

(f1)Core of Knowledge: To gain knowledge about anything, none other place you would find great. This is the place for gaining knowledge about anything, anyone, at any time.

(f1)Core of Discussions: The best place of discussions is the FORUMS of RC site where you can discuss what is troubling you and you may find the way you required.

(f1)Ideas Development: The thinking and rethinking process makes you more and more confident and with this you are able to generate new ideas to the site, Here in RC i find many amazingly fantastic people of so much hardwork and great ideas. A spark only they need.

(f1)Brain Storming: Well this is what more is visible on such a good site, Here we see the organisers give topic and brain storming is started. People see each other what they are saying, or what they proabably can say. So its helpful in a way or the other.

(f1)Renaissance: What is Renaissance? It is what this chat site does. To create something new and replace it by the ideas of something new. From a new orgin. Its surely a plateform for serving ideas..

(f1)THE EVENTS:(f1)
Events are carried out and Organised in the Forums too, its a sub part. But they are somewhat of more importance than usual forums topics, in a way that they contain more energy requirement and more motivation for its site users.

(f1)Why part of forums?
I think this question is cleared. It can be under any category that events are motivational, containing fun like games, knowledge and they are energetic. so they are under Forums.

(f1) Ideas Encouragement:
Through events one can easily guess how talented he/she is or more precisely how much hidden talent was there in him/her which he/she didnt deny and this gives an encouragement to what he thinks, and write on a paper.

(f1) To win games is to win Hearts:
I have noticed in many games that RC users appreciate the runners up also with the winners, this gives an incouragement to all. and thus They not only win games but the hearts.

(f1) To lose games is to keep trying:
And when they lose any event, this give them a chance to try something more. I see some users here who try again and again. And finally got what they destined for. Warm luck to you all dears..

(f1)THE BLOGS n POLLS: (f1)
The blogs and polls are genuinely used to collect ideas and comments of the users here in RC. they have been used many times and are still used. They are not different from forums knowledge wise.
its features are
* Expressing Ideas
* Gain useful comments
* Comparing and relating ones ideas
* To select good answers
* To view users selection.
* Analysis of users Likes Dislikes

(f1)ROCK CHAT: A dialogue between the Good and Evil:
Well this is an interesting topic here i got. Being a chat site gaining users from all over the world, of different minds and cultures, we get some users good and some come here to harras people, or attention seekers, abusers etc come here, This site helps users how can they mend their own way to differentiate what is good and what is bad. And to go into dialogues with the chat site.

There are many users found good on this RC Chat site. Well knowing only a few categories hardly i remember, i categorise them as
* Friendly
* Peaceful
* cooperative
* Helpful
* Creative
* Generous
* Honest
* Kind Hearted
All these people are helpful in a way or the other. All they are is peaceful and good.

(f1)THE BAD USERS:(f1)
Or probably the bad a** users. NOnsense! immature, annoying they are. Especially when they pretend to get some good reply from the victim from a nonsense message inbox of their own. Hell with them. But dont worry they are only few on this ROCKING site. Handle them like you better know. But more efficiently we have staff here to handle them more curiously. so just let them handle in case of nonsense.
They are
* Short tempered
* Perverts
* Abusers
* Attention seekers
* Sick minded people


(f1) Creative Users: (f1)
You can find many creative users here in Forums and Chat. A common categories of them are here.

(f1) Artists: (f1)
They are truly peaceful and kind hearted, despite the fact that they may be alone or silent people of the ROCK CHAT, yet they are good users. Like Nasir, Ayesha. But they are yet very less here.

(f1)Writers: (f1)
Writers write and write and write.... after that they see what they wrote and then write and write and write, being a victim of this category hehe, i would suppose all the same. no doubt Imsammy, Sameena, Don VENKat, Nasir are good writers here.

(f1) Events Organisers:(f1)
They are perfectly awesome doing a great job with the initiative to motivate, encourage and make people realise that they can win a game, perhaps a battle of talent. They are none other than Livewire, Krish, Godfather (as i only know them so far).

(f1) The Judges: (f1)
The judges play a vital role, as they are selected and elected by the users themselves, which signifies the situation of the game and results in order to make problems clear. They are Livewire, DreamyGirl.

(f1)Chit Chatters: (f1)
Hehehe. yes they can be Creative in a sense they can teach you how to speak. :) They are found in the General room 24x7. No names here sorry.. hehe.. As they can most oftenly be fantastically foolished people. kidding..

(f1)Poets and Composers: (f1)
Well i dont know about the specific names im forgetting, but go to any empty room and even you get get help how to compose songs. not kidding this time. And poets are so many here howering about in the site. Like hope.umeed(p), imsammy(c), sameena(p), Ayesha(p), Noor(p) etc i know..

(f1)THE READERS:(f1)
I consider readers the most creative and honorable, honor desirable people, as they are always there to absorb something. Only i know how difficult it is to read ones writing. If i had to salute to a class of the good people, i would salute only THE READERS, as they say All Good leaders of the world were Good readers. I thing if people love you they would hear to what you say. If they dont listen pass away.. Sameena, Javedtom, Ayesha, Noor, Nasir, Imsammy, Nazar, nicefriend, hope.umeed.

(f1)CONCLUSION: (f1)
All I said, and whatever about whoever and whatever i said just concerns ROCK CHAT, there was nothing personal, infact I tried to make it more good and valid and factual. So here it is all about ROCK CHAT. I hope you missed not a single line to be saluted. hehe..Whatever it is, An Essay, An Article or a story of the characters of RC, but all it is about ROCK CHAT, because it is CONCERNING ROCK CHAT.. Allah Hafiz

(f1)Sameena Ghazala(f1)
(f1)Pakistan :)(f1)
TOTAL WORDS : 1827 words *

03-07-13 - 18:24:47

Oasis Oasis:

Rockchat ..I cant express what is rockchat to me...It gives me everything..I feel happiness here smtime sadness ..i laugh here smtimes i cry also ... Rockchat gives me all colors of life..i gain frds ..i lost friends..i met some amazing ppl ...i learn how to say no here only... I even enjoy game events without participating... Rockchat gives knowledge through topics ..blogs etc ... Mostly i enjoyd here in chatrooms they are special for me...
An abuse free spam free chatsite means Rockchat... Here rules n regulations are awsome n i enjoy them... All staff are very good n friendly like me:P... Sometime I feel proud that me addicted to this site..n Everytime I feel proud that me a part of this site..oh i know me not good at writing n expressing myself so THE eND..... I love rockchat
TOTAL WORDS : 140 words
Words Count Less!! Article Rejected !! *

03-07-13 - 18:43:59


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