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Here Comes An Awesome intro of the Great Evil Calypso . . .(mwahaha)



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Calypso Calypso:

Here Comes An Awesome intro of the Great Evil Calypso . . .(mwahaha) *

25-07-13 - 15:56:47

Calypso Calypso:

Ahoy me fellow hostages! I Calypso as you all know, I own this sea and ocean we are travelling on (princess1). I really don’t see the need as to why I need to make an intro about me, but as you wish! You all have been warned! I am not the dandy looking lady in the Pirates of Caribbean, as many of you have suggested, I am the Goddess of all, and anyone who objects will get thrown into the sea with the hungry sharks. (gmad) Since all of you lot are my hostages, I expect this ship to be sparkling CLEAN. As for you who take me as a joke ask the rotten skeletons in the cabin about who I am, they always try to escape, but there is no luck (skeleton) . I am a lady with many histories, far more histories than any DON, ask my mate DON Venky! His head has been recently chopped off for not agreeing with me. I am a narcissist lady with no moral compassion. I hate to break that fact, but you all are the most annoying people I have ever met. If you want to know more about me, don’t hesitate to ask my stuffed teddy (doraemon) ... Now, I need to leave with my ship, I have another killing adventure to accomplish. That was like 10 minutes of my life wasted. Sassy Caly is out! (girl-pirate) *

25-07-13 - 19:43:00

SaFirA SaFirA:

CooL! tho its short intro but successfuly made me awake and smile 8.5/1O All the best (cheers) *

26-07-13 - 00:44:21

Calypso Calypso:

Well, here is my article. I did my best!! There is so much gobble bobble (faint) *

26-07-13 - 21:02:15

Calypso Calypso:

(respect)Now, as we were younger children back in the days we always heard the statement which goes by “Respect your elders!” This statements is not just for the people that you KNOW, but for also anyone which is older thanYOU.At a young age hearing this, it was absurd, but none than less give respect at no cost, because age is not just a number but a certain level of the type of respect that should be given to an individual. As you are getting older as an individual, along the growing lines you have heard another principle which is, “Respect is to be earned” If someone didn’t show respect then they themselves wouldn’t get any respect back. In order to receive respect by someone it needs to be earned. The connection between ethics and respect is what prevented you as an individual from doing any harm to your annoying cousin. Whatever mum was telling taught us that we need to show a certain type of respect for every single person. Old or young, ugly or beautiful, skinny or fat, ill or healthy, it doesn’t matter. Respect needs to be given to all mankind. Even animals, plants and object needs to be treated with care, and that CARE is respect that you are showing. Our enemies too are to be respected, even toys, it may sound silly but it is true. Respect is more than an obligation. It’s a feeling you get rewarded by in the future.(respect)
(respect)So what have we learnt? Looking back, respect equals high-quality manners and high-quality manners equals respect. Ethics fuel is respect and an individual can’t simply survive without one of them in the big world. In order to achieve and give respect, one must understand the impact respect has on others and you as an individual. Screening respect is the quickest route to fine ethics. What your mother was really telling you about elders was that respect would take you far in life, she was also telling us to start showing respect now, at a young age because once you grow you will be able to practice this respect on others and also solve any problems that has arisen, but most importantly, respect should be given to one another.(respect) *

26-07-13 - 21:09:56

DOraEMon DOraEMon:


Yours best effort. For your effort its 9/10 for you.(up) *

26-07-13 - 21:26:32

Calypso Calypso:

Well, where to start with my journey (thinkino) I joined Rock Chat back in September 2011, the date is unknown as I have forgotten it. :p Anyhow, it has been a rollercoaster ride being part of the Rock Chat family. I remember when I joined here, I had a Rock Chat addiction I was literally online 24/7! And that made me forget about my studies. One of the first people that I befriended was Sparan1 and Rey (He is gone now (cry) ,and I knew the concept of the rules, so I never meddled with citing external names of other sites, but the place itself confused me a lot. Over the time I made a lot of friends, got used to the wap fever, and had a lot of experiences. The real friends I have had are gone, and I miss them such as Trend and Rey, good people with a great heart, but that never stopped me from getting to know others. I have met a really great bunch of people who I consider to be my soul friends. Over time as I balanced my wap life and real life, I saw many contests happening but I was a silent observer. I didn’t bother replying to PMs, I just stayed on the “Main Menu” and saw people enjoying their time whilst being in Rock Chat. Each chatting site is unique in its own way; one brings old friends together whilst another express you out into the world, and gets you many followers, but Rock Chat bought a lot of new friends into my life, and I am really grateful for that. However, having learnt a great deal of how to be aware of yourself, there have been a lot of abusers and many people promising fake stories, boys saying “I love you” but I was not stupid to fall for their traps. This place has not giving me friends but also strength and self awareness It has made me a much knowledgably person ,and I hank the staff of this place for making it such a friendly environment, and keeping people entertained, although I do miss the old layout of Rock Chat. My journey isn’t any interesting as of now since I have kept myself quiet in this place, but maybe if I had gotten involved more I surely would have had a journey with sadness, happiness, heartbreak, confusion, and all the lot. I believe my journey at Rock Chat has just started, and the juicy part of my journey is yet to come, but I cant promise a happily ever after.(givinsmile) *

27-07-13 - 19:35:49


Nice and gd I wil gv 40 best of luck my dear frnd haha *

27-07-13 - 20:08:22

AnGel_pRinceSs AnGel_pRinceSs:

Nice journey gud i give you 45/50 well done (up) all the best *

27-07-13 - 20:26:46

SiLeNt_H3ArT SiLeNt_H3ArT:

Nice i give u 42 :-) *

27-07-13 - 20:41:14

hArIrOcKr hArIrOcKr:

(jacksparrow2)CaLYpso...!! Itz me again... (jacksparrow) haha..!! U journey iz written so simple n interesting...!! I loved it...!! I give u 45/50 all d best dear (up) *

27-07-13 - 20:57:51


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