mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN : CLosing Ceremony

Hi! Viewers, Rockers, Gamers & Mind Hunter As Well(greeting)Welcome To The Rewarding & Complementing Moment After All Hardwork Been Done Of EveryoNe.
:::::The Awards Distribution & Closing Ceremony:::::



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mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

Hi! Viewers, Rockers, Gamers & Mind Hunter As Well(greeting)Welcome To The Rewarding & Complementing Moment After All Hardwork Been Done Of EveryoNe.
:::::The Awards Distribution & Closing Ceremony:::::

28-07-15 - 08:07:45

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

As @TRIO LEAGUE TOURNANENT[br/]This Is A Game With Mind Hunter That You Have To Be A Sharp Shooter...[br/]...Able To Break Your Opponent Gamer...[br/]... For You To Make Higher To Be A Winner.[br/]This Is The Game Which Imposed As I Mentioned Way Back To TRIO TOURNAMENT-PREVIEW ...[br/]This Is A Game Wherein You Have To Be Attentive Or else You Will Get A Point Of Negative...[br/]This Is A Game Lot Of Challenges But With Less Of Chances...[br/]This Is A Game Dont Let To Get Lack, It May Lost Your Luck...[br/]This Is A Game Of Three, Searching For Only One Out Of Three...
[br/][br/][br/]And Now @TRiO LEAGUE TOURNAMENT About To End ...[br/]Let See How & What^s It Happened...

28-07-15 - 12:08:46

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

...A Game Begun With TRIO TOURNAMENT - REGISTRATION Which Thirty(30)Gamers Officially Registered.Guided By TRIO TOURNAMENT 2015 THE FORMAT For Monitor. Its Quite Fond, More Of Gamers are New Faces .Nevertheless, Some Came From Different Reasons Behind , Hence They Are Accepted With All Smiled.This Game Welcoming Those With Game Spirit , All Can Be Possible And Not Prohibited.
And Now @ TRIO LEAGUE TOURNAMENT With A Thirty(30) Players Are Gonna Play Of Three Stages Games Of Each Levels From One(1) To Three(3). For After Three (3) Levels Will Be Having Elimination.


28-07-15 - 12:35:31

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

TRIO TOURNAMENT-Hangman-Dual Player

(bullet5)Trio Level 1-Stage 1-Hang Man Dual Player
Wherein Some Players Luck Are Seems Been Started[br/] (star)This Stage Level PLayed 4 Matches Wherein Some GOt No Loses.[br/]Such As Follows Who Got Perfect Points.(postbelow)

vV__ViHaN__Vv__[br/]SwelhA_Blue__[br/]DrownedFish-_-[br/]saawariya[br/]jessY-Badgirl4u[br/]sylor[br/]swara & iNNoCeNt_BoY No Points Yet Cleared Out To Proceed Next Stage.
!!^ Since Alfie & Precious Soul cant complete game With Thier Opponent:: Following has been done, Thier Each Opponent Will Combined To Play^!!
(star)rOyal_NatwArLal Vs...EcLipse [[[ Thier Points will b counted from TTT stage level And Cleared Out To Proceed Next Stage.

(bullet5)Trio Level 1-Stage 2-Tic Tac Toe Dual Player

Wherein This Stage Level Whom Got No Loses Which Only vV__ViHaN__Vv_ _Got Perfect Points.
This Time SpEncEr_DcruZ_ s AKA hExIrE_vAmPrEsS_, sylor & rAaVaN_rOckstA::: No Points,Yet Cleared Out To Proceed The Next Stage.

(bullet5)Trio level 1-Stage 3-Cricket Dual Player[br/]Wherein This Stage Level Had Three Got Perfrect Points(postbelow)

Hence, EcLipse Wasnt Able To Play On Time With Her Opponent rAaVaN_rOckstA He Taken To Level 2.The Lucky So Nice To U:p

After All @Trio level 2,SwelhA_Blue_ Was Over All Total Points Holder.

According To Trio Levels SKILL EVALUATION TOPIC Players Are Eliminated After @Trio Level 1 Are: (postbelow)

11.SpEncEr_DcruZ_ s AKA hExIrE_vAmPrEsS[br/]21.iNNoCeNt_BoY[br/][br/]19.pad1__[br/]17.EcLipse[br/]27.ArYaN_1n_Nly__[br/]5.o_DiAnAmO_o[br/]10.lastman[br/]22.Niya_[br/]24.saawariya.

Hence The Remaining Players End Number Of Eleven , The Eliminated HAd THe Chance To Get Back By Playing TRIO LEAGUE GAME FOR EVEN

And from TRIO LEAGUE GAME FOR EVEN ::: Wherein Precious_Soul getting added up now to the Trio level 2:::^- *

28-07-15 - 13:09:48

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

From Thirty(30) Players, They Are Now 12 Qualified Players For...

[TRIO TOURNAMENT-Tic Tac Toe-Dual player
[br/](bullet5)Trio level 2-Stage 1-Hangman Dual Player
[br/]This Going Up Stage Level EnigmA & swara Are The Top Points Holder
[br/](bullet5)Trio Level 2-Stage 2-Tic tac toe Dual Player
Wherein vV__ViHaN__Vv, SwelhA_Blue & rajmouli_ Are The Top Points Holders
[br/](bullet5)Trio level 2-Stage 3-Cricket Dual Player

Wherein Up This Stage vV__ViHaN__Vv, rajmouli, & DrownedFish-_ Are The Top Points Holders.
[br/][br/]After All @Trio level 2,DrownedFish-_- Was Over All Total Points Holder.
[br/]ELIMINATION 2[br/]According To Trio Levels SKILL EVALUATION TOPIC Players Are Eliminated After @Trio Level 2 Are:(postbelow)[br/]sylor[br/]SwelhA_Blue[br/]rAaVaN_rOckstA[br/]Abhishek99[br/]GamBLeR_DeeP[br/]EnigmA_____
[br/]^ And from TRIO LEAGUE GAME FOR EVEN ::wang & SpEncEr_DcruZ_ aka hExIrE_vAmPrEsS Two Luckiest From Eliminated Players are getting added up now to the Trio level 3:::^

29-07-15 - 05:33:15

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

From Twelve(12) Players, They Are Now Eight(8) Qualified Players For...[br/]TRIO TOURNAMENT-Cricket League-Dual Player
[br/](bullet5)Trio level 3-Stage 1-Hangman Dual Player
[br/]DrownedFish- & jessY-Badgirl4u ARe The Top Points Holder.
[br/]Since Wang is unavailable for 2 days & even till this moment :: taking SpEncEr_DcruZ_ to next game.
[br/](bullet5)Trio Level 3-Stage 2-TIC TAC TOE DUAL PLAYER
For Two Matches Are Equal to 4 Points. No One Got Highest Points.Everyone Drawn In Each Challenges.Which Got Only 2 Points Each.
DrownedFish-_::: ::[br/]vV__ViHaN__Vv__ ::: ::[br/]swara_::: :: [br/]rajmouli ::: ::[br/]jessY-Badgirl4u::: ::[br/]Precious_Soul ::: ::[br/]SpEncEr_DcruZ_ ::: :: Qualified with No play
Wang::: :: Disqualified Due To Unavaibility
[br/](bullet5)Trio Level 3-Stage 3-Cricket Multi Player(bullet5)
For Over All Total Points, Most Of Them Got Tie Points Holder. Hence, This Will Be The Last Stages Levels. We Have To Get The Best 6 Qualified Players. .So We Have To Break The Tie.According To Tie Breaker Shows: (postbelow)

DrownedFish-_- cleared the Trio game Level 3.[br/]swara_ Due To her Points More Than rajmouli. swara Qualified the Trio game Level 3.[br/] Precious_Soul cleared the Trio game Level 3.[br/]SpEncEr_DcruZ_ Due To unavailability Of Her opponent, She qualified the Trio game level 3 With No PLay How Lucky You Are.


According To Trio Levels SKILL EVALUATION TOPIC Players Are Eliminated After @Trio Level 3 Are:(postbelow)


^ ::vV__ViHaN__Vv Whom Got The Lucky Last One From TRIO LEAGUE GAME FOR EVEN Wherein He getting added To Be One OF Best 6 Players:::^

29-07-15 - 08:11:57

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

From Eight(8) Players, They Are Now Six(6) Qualified Players For...
3.Precious_Soul ....
4.SpEncEr_DcruZ_ s
5. Abhishek99

(bullet5)MEGA GAME 1-Hangman Dual Player(The Brilliant One)
Wherein Swara Made Her Way Of This Mega Game 1(one) Which Being The The Brilliant One .She Qualified To Proceed THe MEga Finale.

Hence,4.SpEncEr_DcruZ_ & 3.Precious_Soul Both Eliminated.

From Six(6) Players, They Are Now Four(4) Qualified Players For...
(bullet5)MEGA GAME 2-Cricket Multi Player(The Trickiest One)
Wherein Abhishek99 Made His Way Of This Mega Game 2(two) Which Being The Trickiest One .He Qualified To Proceed THe MEga Finale.

This Part Nobody Eliminated due To None Of Them Got Maximum Loses According To Points Criteria.

(bullet5)MEGA GAME 3-Tic Tac Toe Dual Player(The Luckiest One)
The Tie Breaker Cant Broke Of Them.Hence, DrownedFish-_ & vV__ViHaN__Vv Both Of Them Proved That They Are The Luckiest. So It Declared Both Are Are Qualified To Proceed The MEGA FINALE! *

29-07-15 - 10:51:10

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

@ TRIO LEAGUE 4 FINALIST![br/]Finalist 1:The Brilliant One swara ,[br/]Finalist 2: Trickiest One Abhishek99, [br/]And Last BUt nOt Definitely The LEast ...[br/]Luckiest One Whom WE HAve TWo[br/]Finalist 3:Drownedfish & Finalist 4:VIhan
Finalist 1 - swara_ & Finalist 4 - _ViHaN__Vv__ Played With One Of Legendary GAmer Which Is i_Charming aka (priithvii)
[br/]Wherein She Made It. swara Welcome To TRIO LEAUGE TOURNAMENT-MEGA FINALE III - The Royal Battle Ground.
And Vihan @TRIO LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Journey Ends Here.
[br/]Finalist 2 - Abhishek99 & Finalist 3 - DrownedFish-_ vV__ViHaN__Vv Played With One Of Legendary GAmer Which Is (maxpayne)[br/]Hence, Drownedfish wasnt Able To Play The Finale II During The Said Time And Also His Time Was Over As For Second Chance. [br/] Declared Abhishek99_ Will Going To TRIO LEAUGE TOURNAMENT-MEGA FINALE III - The Royal Battle Ground[br/][br/](bullet5)TRIO LEAUGE TOURNAMENT-MEGA FINALE III - The Royal Battle Ground
The Battle Between swara(The Lucky Brilliant One) & *Abhishek99(The Lucky Tricky One}
[br/][br/]swara Made Connected Into One The Brilliant, Trickiest & Luckiest.She Is The ONE. *

29-07-15 - 11:21:06

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

This Is A Game Wherein All Are Counted, SCORE BOARD / POINTS TABLE Were Updated...
This A Game When Odd Numbers Like Eleven, There^s A TRIO LEAGUE GAME FOR EVEN
This Is A Game Which Nothing Can Be Throw, All Are Goes To The Flow..
This Is A Game All Are Qualification, Elimination & Decision Not From Own Position Yet According To SKILL EVALUATION
This Is A Game Of How And What Happened @ TRIO LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Which About To End. *

29-07-15 - 12:30:50

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

@TRIO LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Speak About The Player With A Star
[br/](star)THE SUPERSTAR(star)[br/](star)SwelhA_Blue__Theres No Doubt Your Potential Level In Nature Of Games.[br/](star)saawariya , sylor, rajmouli_ wang You Are All New FAces In Games Nature Yet You Showed A Great Potential With Your First Trial. Each One Of You Have The Capability To Going Up For Higher Level, JUst Pursue Your All Game Spirit.[br/](star)GamBLeR_DeePNo Doubt Same With Swelha, You Have A Great Game Spirit That U Can Vanish All Your Co-Gamer at Anytime Just Like U Did In The Cricket League.[br/](star)jessY-Badgirl4u - You Played Brilliant And Tricky This Game Event.[br/](star)Precious_Soul-Though U Were The One Winner Among The Previous Game But U Didnt Made It This Time. Still Nothing Change With Your Capability.The Eagerness, Determination And Dedication In Nature Games Are Consistent.[br/](star)THE MEGA STAR(star)[br/](star)DrownedFish-_- I Amazed With Ur Consistency.Might Be If U Aint Got Conflict With Ur Time Availability, U Have A Great Possibility To Get a Victory.[br/](star)vV__ViHaN__Vv__You Are So Consistent With High Energy, No Doubt Your Capability at Anytime U Can Vanish All Of Them To Make Your Way Into The Victory.[br/](star) Abhishek99 Ur Very Unique.U Have Kind Of A Strategy Of Trasparency & Flexibility.That Is Why U Almost Kick Out Swara For HEr Way To Victory.[br/](star)swaraLet Me Say This First.OMG!You Devasted All OF THem With Your Up And Down Strategy.Plus The Mere Fact You Defeated Our Legendary Gamer Still Wont Affected To Ur Performace Level.Your So Capable Of All Kind Of Game Level.Keep It Up![br/][br/]
Check Out The MEGA FINALE III - The Royal Battle Ground Of :::::TRIO:::::LEAGUE:::::TOURNAMENT::::: ! Where They Made Thier Way Into The Victoryswara As The WINNER, Abhishek99 As 1st RUNNER Up, vV__ViHaN__Vv_ As 2nd RUNNER Up & DrownedFish-_- As 3rd RUNNER Up Of :::::TRIO:::::LEAGUE:::::TOURNAMENT::::: !!! :)

(claps) Congrats swara ! For Being The (star)(star)WINNER(star)(star) Of :::::TRIO:::::LEAGUE:::::TOURNAMENT:::::
You Are Being Rewarded By 99999+S !!! (first)

(claps) Congrats Abhishek99 ! For Being The (star)1ST RUNNER UP(star) Of :::::TRIO:::::LEAGUE:::::TOURNAMENT::::: !
You Are Being Rewarded By 55555 +S !!! (claps)

(claps) Congrats vV__ViHaN__Vv__ ! For Being The (star)2ND RUNNER UP(star) Of :::::TRIO:::::LEAGUE:::::TOURNAMENT:::::: ! You Are Being Rewarded By 33333 +S !!! (claps)

(claps) Congrats DrownedFish-_- ! For Being The (star)3rD RUNNER UP(star) Of :::::TRIO:::::LEAGUE:::::TOURNAMENT:::::: ! You Are Being Rewarded By 11111 +S !!! (claps)

(yu)5555-5555K +S To The Participants Except The Above 4, Who Were Reached In MEGA GAMES !!!(yu)
(: hExIrE_vAmPrEsS/Spencer _Cruz: Mega Game 1 Elimination
(: Precious_Soul: Mega Game 1 Elimination

(yu)4444-4444K +S To The Next Participants Who Made Themselves In LEVEL 3 !!!(yu)
:]jessY-Badgirl4u 3rd Elimination
:]rajmouli 3rd Elimination
:]wang 3rd Elimination

(yu)2222-2222K +S To The Rest Participants!!!(yu)

:}sylor : 2nd Elimination
:}SwelhA_Blue : 2nd Elimination
:}rAaVaN_rOckstA : 2nd Elimination
:}GamBLeR_DeeP: 2nd Elimination
:}EnigmA_: 2nd Elimination
:}iNNoCeNt_BoY : 1st Elimination
:}pad1_/EthAn_StAiN_ : 1st Elimination
:}EcLipse: 1st Elimination
:}ArYaN_1n_Nly__: 1st Elimination
:}o_DiAnAmO_o: 1st Elimination
:}lastman: 2nd Elimination
:}Calypso: 1st Elimination
:}Niya: 1st Elimination
:}saawariya: 1st Elimination *

29-07-15 - 14:40:09

mUs3_t3mPt4tioN mUs3_t3mPt4tioN:

This Is A Game Aint Succesful Without A People Which Helpful.[br/]In Behalf Of This Game Event.I Would Like To Extend Our Gratitude To[br/] (luck_me) Thank You For Shared Your Brilliant Ideas About This Game.[br/]Zero Thank You for Ur Willingness To Imparted Your Ideas About This Game.[br/](genie)&(akhil)Thank You For Always Feel Your Presence Everytime To Help.[br/](oasis)Thank U Sis For All Ur Reminds.[br/]And For Players Thank You For Your Participation and Cooperation.
[br/][br/]Ofcourse Our Legendary Gamer (priithvii) & (maxpayne) Thank U So Much For Respond Of My Invitation To Be Part Of This Game, Despite Of Yours Hectic Sched.[br/]And To My Partner PrAVIn-N-SHAde Highly Gratitude For All Efforts Specially Of Yours Birlliant,Tricks Ideas And Im Lucky To Have Co-Host Like You For This A Mega Game.[br/]Last But definitely Not The Least (livewire)Thanks For Entrusted This Game To Be Hosted By ME & Pravin. Which This Is The Reason It Inspired Of Me To Make This Game..Not Just For GOOD But Atleast For The Better Or If Can It Be for The Best! *

29-07-15 - 15:55:01


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