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Download the best mobile phone browser for chat. Feature rich navigation browser that is free, fast and easy to use.

Firefox for Android is probably the best, the fastest and the coolest browser around. There are hardly any browsers that beat firefox in terms of functionality, feature lists, ease of use and speed in delivering the web page. While most browsers around these days either choke or die upon media rich heavy content pages, it is firefox that provides seamless loading, super fast internet loading as well as speedy downloading.

Firefox for Android

You android phone is a mini computer, it has enough hardware to beat processing speeds of most low spec computers. It becomes a wise decision to make a better use of this processing power. With faster downloads, better navigation, superb support, active community efforts and non-profit nature of operations - the Firefox Android browser outshines the competition which is plagued with lots of ad-ware and spy-ware.

Salient Features of this browser:

Free to download chat browser.

Firefox Android is a free to use mobile web browser. It was born free, has stayed free and will remain free. Driven by community support and covering all latest developments in mobile web delivery system, it is a free to download mobile browser best suited for Mobile Chat

Android Compatible phone chat

One of the most reputed names in among all browsers of the world, it does have an android variant which can be downloaded from This Link. Enjoy superb integration with your installed android operating system like Android JellyBean, Android Kitkat, Android Lollipop etc.

Great Technical Support.

Mozilla Firefox is an opensource software, which means that its development is backed by web coders, programmers and other enthusiasts who support an open web. It has more than 30000 feature add-ons, with its most popular add-on i.e. AdBlock Plus being used by more than 20 million users. The kind of technical support it receives is visible from the speed at which its add-ons update.

Based on Open-Source Gecko Browser Engine.

Primarily it was developed using Gecko Browser engine, however it is compatible with rendering web pages designed with Trident, KHTML and WebKit browsers into mind. To simply say, it provided you webpage loading compatibility with almost 99.99999999999999 percent web pages out there.

Non controversial.

If there is a browser out there that protects privacy rights of users, allows positive influencing and growth of developer community then the honour would first go to Firefox. It is non controversial and always ensuring that all privacy and rights of its end user are safeguarded.

Very Fast and responsive.

Compatible with loading and playing of flash videos, the undiscovered features of this mobile browser are phenomenal. Powered by a great mozilian community, its speed of development is noteworthy. Enjoy fast and responsive interfaces with web pages.

Easy to use.

Firefox is a really simple browser that does not require you to have a steep learning curve. Operating firefox web-browser is simple and lucid. It works fine on smartphones with or without keypad. Its operating interface is easy to use even with fully touch enabled mobile phones with no key buttons.

Low on RAM consumption.

The android marketplace and Apple store are flooded with browsers which are almost an exact copy of each other, however firefox is different. While other browsers suck dry your free device memory, firefox consumes low ram resulting in a better usage experience. Its robust code does not let seepage of RAM thus resulting in low RAM consumption.

Adapts web pages for mobile friendly view.

Mobile phones these days have a standard viewport. It is at times quite difficult to check out web pages which were purely designed for a desktop screen experience. Firefox solves this particular drawback. You can check a mobilized version of relevant web-pages and may even switch back to the original web page layout.

Best for fast, responsive, featured chat mode.

Firefox Android Browser utilizes the best web browser technologies to deliver your requested web content at blazing fast speeds. Tried, tested and loved by millions of users, it is best for fast and responsive chatting. With features abound, it is the perfect choice when you are in chat mode.
It also used to support Advertisement Blocker ADBlock Plus program. It was the first and only Android phone based browser application which could block advertisements. However due to Google Android App Policy, it could not continue to do so.

Unlike Firefox, most mobile browsers channel your content through a proxy server and thus are able to spy upon you. Firefox is blazing fast and does not need to use proxies to re-route your desired internet communication. You can be at peace and use this browser to perform all your day to day activities, without being concerned about your privacy.

Firefox is a free browser and will probably remain free as long as the solid community of firefox lovers keep on contributing towards its development. All problematic issues related to Firefox are addressed and solved within a span of minutes, such is the heroic nature of its support community.

Download firefox from below and enjoy the best experiences of mobile internet.



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