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(hya)jessi ur my best frnd in rc I saw u starting in general chat room I m so happy to enter in gb(anil_)all the best (r0ck0n)

11 12 18-22:57:46


Hey Jessy..actually i like dis name and i assume da person with dis name would be a good girl..But i really dont know y she became bad girl here lol (hehe) But i think the ppl who announce dem as a bad person are actually straightforward persons and its not a bad quality i guess..I dnt know abt u but i guess u r such girl..I see u r a teacher n i wish u vl be a motivater to ur students and make dem flourish..Just be Urself and enjoy the life..Take care(wavin-bye)

11 12 18-22:44:22


Well....i must say that this time i helped a girl to be her friend without a single penny...lolzzz...just kidding...i dont know you that much..actually not at all....lolzz..we became friends in 3 messages..lolzzz...anyways have a great time here...

11 12 18-22:43:11


I Really Don^t Know What To Say About You, But I Want To Say Alot, I Don^t Know How To Write But I Will Try What To Write :;p

...! You Smile, I smile!...
...!You Cry, I Cry!...
...!You Eat, I Eat!...
...! You Jump From Hill, I^ll Clap:;p..!
Don^t Laugh.. Thats All I Will Say As Of Now..!

11 12 18-22:20:25


Proud to be your buddy.U been so nice with me.I am kinda miser in making any comment but your approach and your sweet lil chats made me to come here..Thanks for being my friend and yeah****Your smile is contagious*** Keep smiling..Love ya

11 12 18-21:52:44

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