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12:06 am
BEiruT timE
sNeakiNg iN uR GB
I dunno what i say(ppthinking)but i wanna say now!(ras)
LiVelY knowIng u mKes Me thiNk ur A dInO that gOnna sWalLoW me aLiVE(annoy)
But As tIme pAssEs bY u nuRtuRe mE witH ur cUteSt slApS(slap)thT mkes mE miSseD it Wen ur gOne(sob)
n eVeN gIves mE assignMents tHaT cRackS my braiNs out(faint)---the Sweetest torture eVer(hehehe)
And to Sum it All uP evEryThin..u disciPline wiTh a styLe n thaTs mkes u uNique Out of My iMaginatioNs.. iTs pretTY toUgH buT it molds peopLe to Be better!
so I saluTe u(saludo) n U knw How i aDmIre uR thoUghts..oN hoW u Twist thiNgs oN..(wacko)
anD thE lasT drop!!
s The uNexpextEd fRieNdship u shOw..tHat nO onE caN steal iTs puRenesS !!(heart01)
YOu can Slap me after i fInish here mEssiNg ur gB(hehe)
takE cAre LiVeLy!!(muah)
N watcH this spidy U hate!(spidykiss)
gOnna mEss U fOrever!!(hehehe)
Signning Off!!

04 04 17-03:13:10


To one happy guy(uglyman)
Am here just to wish you a new NEW YEAR !!! Again (hny) !!!!
Ur game shows here are rocking and I m one hell of an audience always in the front row(tehe)
Well...wishing u good health and more hair for your head(urock)

31 12 16-23:41:27


(fireworks)i wish you the best to reach your fondest goal(happynewyear)enough time to rest(fireworks)harmony and fulfillment(happynewyear)sweet new year my dearest friend(fireworks)

30 12 16-08:30:29


Dear Sirji.. Shri.LivE EvIl ..;p
Since I Landed Here for the very first Time, Its Going to be very big Gbook Writing, Please have your Patience to read bro... ;p
First it Started Up here ;p To be Known here is What We Call Right .. and To Greet you today is Specifically I Might..
Wishing to try that in a Rhythmic way ;p Hoping that Scribbling your Gbook is Not my Intended Crime ;)
@LikEWiRE ::: There is almost Everything that We Love to Subscribe ;p Nevertheless it is Everytime Just Sticking to those Inventions that you have Made for Us;)
The Silence of Your Choice....has Never given a Trump Card to Exile;p
Your Harder Shouts always Keeps Rememberly.... our Task Messed Up Activities that were Much Notably;p
The Logics with You Keeps us Live ,And Is not just an easy way that you Kept us Alive;p
[big][teal][i] The More Simplified you are.
. Is Just the way you were [/big][/teal][/i]
You are the Only Spectators Champ, The Ravishing Rockr, Deployed Live Wire , Scarier Syst3m, The Honest Abhy, & Now The Electrific LiVeEvil ;p
Hope You Had a Good Laughter reading the Scribbles ;p And Keep Scrolling Further More for Some More Minute (teeth) I Just wanna Wish Now ;p
Well Today is Your Day , that would Add up your Age. and Along with that let it Adds Everything that you longed for and Determined to Achieve Further;)
Wishing you a Many Many More Happy returns of the day bro !! Happy birthday to you :XD Just Keep Smiling and May all your Wishes and Dreams Come together with Success... Stay Happier and Blessed forever :XD
P.S... ! Its Good That I Landed Up here For the Very first time ;p That Finally Ended Up Nearing the 3rd Year of our Friendship.... Poor Me .... Don\'t Appreciate For My Laziness brov;p You Know me always Am Late , busy, Hectic and Blah blah blah :XD apart from that I Still Keep Remembering you ;p Haha
.. Signing Off for Now.;p From the Scribbler ..

17 09 16-00:00:03


 My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy!! Dont ever change
Youre the one who knows just how I feel
You can tell if what I say is real
We dont need to fill the silence
Coz weve established a perfect balance
 for u smoking pot is nt wise
although it makes u fantasise
Smoking gives u a thrill
bt u will find you\'r mentally ill:p
Youve seen me raw and exposed
Youve watched me cool and composed
You always make me laugh
Youre like my other half
 Alltough Were friends but were so much more
Were tight but we continue to explore
And I know well look back and say
Today wasnt just an ordinary birthday

16 09 15-12:52:09



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