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Hi tipzy, see who here.. its pad.. i dont wanna disappointe u.. now i am in ur gb.. if i remember past.. i took break from rc.. one day i came here.. seen u in room and u talking with all and lot.. u were normal user that time.. i talked with u too.. but not much.. still i remember.. then one day i again came.. u mod.. from there on u rise well n high in 3 years.. we dont talk much
. We not frnds.. coz no time to chat n talk.. but i write u gb.. u good soul.. by (pad_)

11 12 18-22:57:15


Hola Amigo Crazyhipz!! :p
So I thought you may need my expressive words to know :p
Well you are not that crazy as per your nickname (taunting)
But You can Try to beat for crazyness only in Dreams (hehehe)
So few more lines about you then I\'ll end it :p
You are lucky girl who got a friend like me :p And who is really blessed to have a So Caring and Truthful Guy Like me (ras)
So it\'s all your Great Life in which I\'m Here as Your Friend Crazyhipzzzzzzzz (zzz)
One more line for you :p
You are in a c0mpany of Very Great Legend like me (roflol)
Always stay Happyyyyy and Blessed (kk)

11 12 18-19:39:45


Oh my crazy puzzy sis
I hv knwn u through games
N u r a kind lady
U r awesome naughty as well
Love u so much my sweet cute lady sis

11 12 18-19:09:16


Hello. (hugs)
Thanks sis, for helping me out. And I wish you luck for the other tasks ahead. Cheers!

11 12 18-14:20:41


Sis Tipzy,
Hey yoos!(ppthinking)
Ur Really Amazing Person i hv ever met in Rc !(kiss)
Such a Beautiful and Ever smiling Girl!(kiss) since i kno u , n these days dont come to chatroom mch bt we used to hv lots of fun wen ur around (hehe) nd now too u hvnt changed :)
I really wnted to sign in ur Gb, But now tat time has come(hug)
Ur simply Amazing n Happy Goin Fella chubby n cute (cute)
and Sincerely Honest Gf to (uglyman) :p
Hope ur love long last forever (ras)
Blessyah and tc (heart)
-Lilac (hearts)

11 12 18-06:25:55



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