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Sometimes, I forget to thank the people who make my life happy in their own simple ways... (kisso)
Sometimes, I failed to tell them how much I appreciate them for being part of my life... (bighug)
Today is just an ordinary day, nothing really special: THANKS FOR BEiNG AROUND! (tickle) (luvyah) (hi-five)
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15 03 17-10:47:25


my one and only Bae... Here to apologize because Ive not been around much... But i want you to know that Im thinking about you even when im not on here
i love you
- - Jhene - -

22 02 17-18:13:15


dear dear bestie ..... You are and will always remain to be my favorite person to laugh with... . .. Whether you put a hex on me... Or not... Idk.... I want my favourite witch to know that ill always be here for him. ... Thank you for the vampirization lol (hug2) ..... Ill always remain greatful for that.. .. And the fact that you always have me laughing so hard lool.. .. retards together forever (hug)

28 01 17-01:00:22



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