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Heyyyyy Honeyyyyyyy Bunnyyyyy(srabbit)
Well this was supposed to be an year of 2020 just like a 2020 cricket match, have a blast till you last but it turned out to be more like a nerve wrecking test match for us where keeping our cool was important(rockon3)
And inbetween all this, i am blessed to be your pandemic partner hehehe, that should go down in history, we have seen all and done all now
Although this was an year more calm and less spark, but we always knew we got each other back as we aint going anywhere outside our room till this is over
Nothing much changes from last year but i still cherish the moments we had during those tough periods too, staying together and being strong equally in tough times
Now need to copy from my last year wishes, Hope this new year brings more happiness and joy, more success in life, more dreams fulfilled, keeping more fit and healthy, energetic and enlightened throughout(thumbsup0)
So happy that out of the millions, you were chosen as the best in your job, that just made my year, fk the pandemic
Now go and get a piece of cake, for yourself from my side and celebrate your day with family, cant see cake in your party this year but lot of jellos(babyenjoying)
This pandemic has made me more drunk lol i feel sorry for you but its more fun being with you now[/b][/i][/hotpink]
Love you always(hearts)

31 12 20-23:43:06


Heeyoo Honeyyyyyyy Bunnyyyy(srabbit)
Look look I am back again in your gb(super-tuzki)
Back to tell you even though we aint online here most of the time
Just surrounded by different things all throughout the day(cloudhappy)
But i always remember you, think about you, all the time and try to be around you as much as I can(pinkflykiss)
I am always super excited to be with you and spend my time with you, even if its a small chit chat or a long convo or having our favorite food as we talk about random things(hungry3)
Listening to your giggles, smiles, the jokes that you make, the songs that you sing and sometimes so confused you are, makes my day everytime(leaflaugh)
So happy to have someone like you, to light up the mood and cheer me up all the time(bbfunny)
And to add to that, you are always my Super Duper Gorgeous Girl(cutie)
Love you a lot always(hearts)

19 10 20-11:46:44


Hoiii Hoiiii Honeyyyyyyy(srabbit)
A special day for my special person(balloons)
Prayers and wishes on this lovely day(smile04)
Put smile on your face, wear your best dress and enjoy this day to fullest(kittydance)
You know you the best and you deserve it all(lolidance)
Be you as you always are(shopaholickitty)
Its another year we celebrating the occasion together(thumbsup0)
Remembering and cherishing all the happy moments spent together(alwayshappy)
Hoping and praying that long may it continue(praying1)
Day like today brings all the joy and success in your life(appybday1)
And never ever forget how much i love you(boyilu)
Yours S(cutekiss02)

23 06 20-00:04:09


Heyyyyy Honeyyyyyyy(srabbit)
Happy Valentines Baby
One more valentine day together, we dont seem to get bored with each other
Hours change into days, days into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, its all so quick that feels like it was just last week i wrote a Valentines gb for you hehe
Love the little surprize package we send over the vday to each other
Love the way we realize on this day that how blessed we are to have each other, sometimes those tough daily routines make us forget things
Time to ponder and feel blessed to spend another year with you
Having you still makes me so excited every day, having any short conversation with you, still makes my day
Keep being the way you are, keep being you
Love you a lot always

15 02 20-00:01:50


Heyyyyy Honeyyyyyyy Bunnyyyyy(srabbit)
Another new year together, another 365 days passed and we never seem to get bored (rockon3)
See, this year I mostly kept myself calm, cool as a cucumber haha, did as you say, appreciate little time together, less fights, be more understanding and be more caring and happy(liaro)
Feeling so happy and blessed, waking up in morning and thinking about you, to have you with me all this years and new year we start together(coupleinscootty)
Although its been some time together but the excitement is always still the same, checking your messages, talking to you, listening to you, having small celebrations together(pillowfight02)
Hope this new year brings more happiness and joy, more success in life, more dreams fulfilled, keeping more fit and healthy, energetic and enlightened throughout(thumbsup0)
Now go and get a piece of cake for yourself from my side and celebrate your day with family(babyenjoying)
Love you always(hearts)

01 01 20-15:12:13



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