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I didn\'t ignore you anyways. At least, I answered you question right? And I hope you talk more bcz often idk what to say next

14 07 13-22:21:05


happy counting anyway :p and fyi it s my first time signing someone\'s g.book haha

08 07 13-23:13:54


The Straight Edge Personality Saif.. I have lot of things and i wanted to saying you but always...,, anyways be happy always and take care :)

29 06 13-15:34:35


aha !! well well where do i start? :p toxi u hv been one of my oldest frnds out here n d CLOSEST (flirtylook) i still remember d time when i first saw u here :p u were wid somebody else n so was i (ras) but ever since then i am amazed our frndship lasted dis long (he is surely deleting this,as he does not want his future gfs to read it :p) but d point is that contrary to what ppl say or believe here about u,i think u simply rock !! so keep up all ur naughtiness,roughness,boldness n all other messes coz what matters is not to change for anybody n to SimPly B whO u ArĀ£ ! (r1) d world b damned ! so thanx for being a real sweetheart (bouquet) n for always being dere...oh ! n a yes warning to all d girls,he does flirt a lot (hearts) but its harmless :p at d max u might just get killed (khuni) lolz but u should hv known that frm his name :p so anyway i am tired now lols :p kidding ... wish u lots of love n luck in life TOX (tighthug) n pls have some mercy on girls (ras)

05 03 13-10:39:25



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