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A Year of my journey by: Maya_

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I still wonder!!!(gthinking)
I Gona complete One Year of my stay here(astonished)!!!!
Actually I make fun with people who gives speeches with their self Biographic lectures(stop)!!But here I am in positon:( to record my smooth journey with no notable ups and Downs in Rc History For my future reference:p!!!
Its a Wonder Land where I got many true caring friends in wap!!!Credit Goes to Sega,Dheer,karan,sharky,Math,Dores ji,Ali,imad,Sif,sathys ,Toxi,calypso,hemz,swaps,Athena and so so on !!!Thank u guys at Sum point I learnt something from U:)!!!
Its a Dream land where I shared all my views and thoughts without hesitation(speech)!!!
Its a Magic Land where all Happiness filled and dominanted my world more than Sadness(laugh)!!!
Its a Miracle Land where I came to know about Me more than before, Really its like miracle lol when I came to know I can write about something to atleast to lil extent,and few more qualities hidden in me these days(astonished)!!!
Its a Mysterious Land where I faced most of stuffs/ people those/who are mysterious and unpredictable still present Globally(scared)!!!
Its a Spongy Land which absorbed all my evillness but emitted only my angelic nature(iangel)!!!
Its a Sin Land where I did few hurtings ,mistakes knowingly r unknowingly in a sily thought of \\\'its just an Wap\\\'! Extremely sorry for them(sholly)! !
Now I have to say to u people tat dnt ever feel sorry for Me if u ever hurted me, coz I \\\'never mind\\\" your mistakes so seriously:p!!
Its a Pleasure Land which is perfect package of stuffs that enhance the healthy chat,so I nvr got bored rather than blessed with pleasurable cherished moments(toohappy)!!
Its a Play Land where I enjoyed playing lots of Rc games and Quiz(play)
Its a Pride Land which gives me immense pride and pleasure as being a Good Friend(i hope so),friendly Staff, as a title winner of MS ROCKON 2013 :)(proud)!!
Its a Heavenly Land,Where I felt like Staying in Heaven, Especially its all Because of Surya (the_game) the hidden treasure I found here before 11months who never treated me lyk gal in Wap!A Good listener!Thanks For Bearing Me Understanding me,Caring me! Thanks for being as Everything for me Everywhere and Forever:)(hug)!!!
Finally,my Hearty THANKS TO CREED,LIVE,MAXY JI AND ALL OWNERS And Staffs Who keep This Fantasy Land outta Being Dirty To great Extent so gals like me can SURVIVE HERE WITH SAFE AND SECURED(thankieu)!!!
Happy Journey For Me(pat):p

28 10 13 - 06:50:57


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A Year of my journey : Recent Comments

- spicyxone

when your candle has burn out, it means you have graduated from life.

27 12 15-07:13:02

- JusTaGuy

That\'s why your name is MAYA! i wonder you hv...!! you hv different lands! :)) j/k

29 01 14-18:46:25

- preethi88

Congrats mahi athukulla one year complete agita naal ponadhey theriyavey ila ne innum niraiya years nallapadiya iruka en vazhthukkal :)

30 10 13-15:26:23

- hArIrOcKr

Nicely written !! Well u improved ur writing skills by contest tasks i can say !! :p haha !! And yes ur life iz explained wid al evilness left out :p nice blog !! :)

28 10 13-20:06:31

- Calypso

And congratulations on your 1 year journey at RC! (pat) I dont even remember when I joined :p

28 10 13-20:01:21

- Calypso

Aww! And you know what? I am glad to have found such an awesome sweetheart like you! Hopefully soon you will become an admin, cos you are such a helpful girl. An awesome sweetheart! Lots and pots of love (tighthug)

28 10 13-20:00:16

+ ZeRo

Wow...felt wonderful reading your thoughts about this place...always stay happy and cheerful. .. (pat)...and dont beat me(hide-chair)..or throw me out (out) hu hu hu hu hu (giggle3).....cudlu cudlu (tickle)..God bless u (yeeii)

28 10 13-19:48:12

- DOraEMon

Good to see rockchat by your eyes once again, which also have pampered my love for rockchat once again. Uff I am not yet done with my own rockchat journey. Grrr

28 10 13-19:14:11

- sega

woooww nice blog about this lovely Wonderland wish u a happy Anniversary in RC:) wish u should stay here long and keep learning and enjoying things for upcoming more years.. All the best Mahi(tup)

28 10 13-19:04:40


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