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N0T wortH it Without YoU!! by: SweTa_kiLLer

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Sometimes i close my eyes n juz sit here
The pictures of you in my mind are so clear
I feel like i could reach out and touch you
My heart plummets when i realise it isnt true(gsad)
I didnt think there would be any pain worser than the day you left me
Of that pain i was sure one day i would be free
oh but i was so wrong
I dont think even i am this strong(no2)
The real pain is living each day without you by my side
I cant keep doing it,i have tried
It feels like there is nothing lef for me(shrug)
Just the person i pretend to be
Im barely hanging on
My reason for living is gone(ppgsad)
I went to your grave and laid down on the ground
I would have been contended to have stayed there forever,if i hadnt been found
I try to tell myself you would want me to go on living
To go on laughing,loving and giving(smile)
And i try,i really do
But then there are those days where its juz not worth it without you
When you left it broke my heart
I cant fix it,Its all torn apart(heartbroken)
The weight is so heavy on my soul
I will never again feel whole
For you i will always have this need
And for you my soul will always bleed(cry)
Somedays i juz cant take anymore(askinforhelp)
And on everything i juz want to close the door...!!!

03 11 13 - 05:06:40


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N0T wortH it Without YoU!! : Recent Comments

- kishoor

give yourself some time...only time can heal us....

04 04 17-09:08:33

- DOraEMon

Nice poem. I read it completely(good)

30 12 14-22:48:47

- aamirr

Its so touching.. while reading I wished the lines wont get over ever... But we ll hav 2 realise.. theres an end to everything..

10 11 13-12:12:38

- antivirus

Omg...u have a great narrative thoughts..keep it up..n maintain this..:) I would fall for u if it was for me :p

05 11 13-10:45:38

- charmingguy

Good narration and feel ..good words used...superb line and Smiley insertions

04 11 13-15:07:08

- Pi-RAtE

wow ! simply superb poem !!
made me (cryin)

03 11 13-19:30:04


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