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Do we need to pray? by: jishnu7

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The question was asked several times before by common man as well as by scientists- does god exist and do we need to pray?
From the earlier life of human beings itself they believed and worshiped god. Its actually a belief. If man is not capable of doing some work then the first thing they do is pray! Why? Im still not able to get the answer....
If you need to do or perform any activity wat you need to do is do your work correctly.... No matter if you pray or not... If youre able to perform your work then the results will come with you.... I believe in this motto...
The very first prime minister of india- shri Jawaharlal Nehru does not believed in prayers or in god.... But simply done his work.... Its all due to his work that he became the first prime minister and not through any prayers....
Another great example will be Kamal Hassan.... Does not believe in god or prayers but he collected best actor award(national) thrice.... The most by any actor from india......
Its not on your prayers that makes you succeed or loss... Its based on your activities... How you are performing it- that matters and that only matters........
Make sure you do your work correctly... Results will come with you......

04 11 13 - 08:36:32


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Do we need to pray? : Recent Comments

- Bushra

We should pray, and We definitely have a reason to pray, Disagree with the blogger n blog. A pray is just words to show will, but it in other words is to bare God a witness that you started work,and say Please God help me on MY MERIT!! :)

23 12 15-00:03:26

- Adithi

Yeah,but i belive god,if we do our work with full deducation,surely god will with us.We shuldnt find god but if we do our performance sincerely ,god will help us in some other way:-)

31 12 13-06:52:00

- jishnu7

I wont say im god preity but do believe in loving everyone.. God is love thats all i believe in no more than that.. And ive never tried to ditract any of his followers dear ive just shared my views...

20 11 13-12:26:28

- charmingguy

Prayer is not a magic tool to solve ur issues.God will not help though.prayer is the psycho format which gives u mental calmness to think more that\'s all..always remember there is one systematic force executing so many tasks

05 11 13-10:19:04

- charmingguy

If things work as per meticulosly strategically confideng hardworking do called PLANS, then all of us will go only planning there is no question of praying

05 11 13-10:15:53

- charmingguy

Haha...if so, Superstar Rajinikanth is a follower of sri Ragavendra and Babaji..The upcoming potential PM candidate Modi ji is a god believer
So kamal and Nehru replaced by Rajini and Modi.:)
If things works as per human plan, so called strategic m

05 11 13-09:28:06

- jishnu7

To believe or not in god is your wish... Coz whatever you believes in your believes will help you in someway for sure

05 11 13-07:49:08

- jishnu7

@preity_ritz-and you also asked who controls my mind? Its me itself.. Im able to control my mind if i need.. And its not your mind which controls your leg eyes etc its your BRAIN.. I dont wanna make anyone unbelieve in god.. To believe or not its you

05 11 13-07:47:45

- jishnu7

@preity_ritz- im not here for a fight or anything.... Its my doubt and i dont wanna make anyone not to believe in god and all... Its all your wish... Kamal hassan and nehru are just 2 of examples ive mentioned here.. Still lot of them left behind...

05 11 13-07:44:48

- rajpune

@ preity_ritz.!!! Awesome answer.!! Speakless.!! Mast bholi.!! Know there wil get 2 know abt dis.!! Anythin lyk there ask question over here, as they dnt hv any king of bull shit wrk, so freaking over on rc,

05 11 13-02:07:29

- AtHLeTe

Jawaharlal Nehru n kamal Hassan didn believe in God doesn\'t mean dat we shy dnt believe in him??? There r millions if pple from different religions n they very we\'ll believe in God and just a handful who don\'t and think they are great?? Well to hi

05 11 13-00:37:13

- b4be

Blv in urself.. god z evrywer... evn within..u..

04 11 13-23:18:44

- imusika

Before He gave His blessings! (haha) for sure lots of people are praying but then y only some heard their prayers?(haha) In dis lyf we really need a hardwork and dedication to live ahaha

04 11 13-22:47:16

- imusika

Yeah . And If they said that their God is powerful , da perfect one , then Y PEOPLE NEED to pray , go in church just to recognize by God? If He is da almighty one He must help ALL his creatures and not praising or believing Him first before He gave H

04 11 13-22:44:34


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