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Thank You RockChat by: DrEamYgaL

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(blossom)Its Now More Then 4years I Have Joined RC(blossom)
(blossom)But Now Have To Say Goodbye As i Will Get Busy(blossom)
(blossom)RockChat Was With Me When I Was All Alone(blossom)
(blossom)Then RockChat Was Known As Rock-On(blossom)
(blossom)RC Gave Me So Many Friends All Are So Lovable(blossom)
(blossom)Time Which I Had Spent Here Will Be Memorable(blossom)
(blossom)I Will Miss Each And Every Corner Of Rc And All The Fun With Friends(blossom)
(blossom)RC My Best Friend All The Reason Behind My Happiness(blossom)
(blossom)I Love You RC And I Know You Too Love Your Dreamy(blossom)
(blossom)Heartly Thanks RC For Being With Me(blossom)

11 11 13 - 07:33:37


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Thank You RockChat : Recent Comments

- VoL_CaNo

hppy mrried lif make sure dat i wont miss 1st frnd here..proud 2 say it...(smile)

25 12 13-17:10:46

- AthenA

This blog pinch the core of mine. We\'ve been friends since years, from ups and downs of our friendship that gave us lessons to grow each day of every moments we\'ve shared, I know we have a lot of words unsaid.. You are one of the fourth-part of our

08 12 13-21:06:52

- NitEsH_

Dreamy sis, u r gone now,,,(missu)hope we`ll be able to talk again

27 11 13-22:29:58

- imusika

Never say g0odbye I kn0w s0meday you will c0me back :) Have a happy life and living :)

18 11 13-17:45:12

- PrinCE_lEO

To say Goodbye A Good friend is very difficult situation .But who can stop a going person?Anyway God Bless U & May Ur Life become full of joys & happiness!!

13 11 13-22:56:13

- Dreamguy

dleamy why now? u told me that ur going to leave in january rite(nunu). any how i wil mis u alot dreamy. if we know that some one was leaving us in few days,it wil be lil painful. il never forget u in my life and r.c never forget u, u are one of the

13 11 13-09:52:13

- AssasIn-X

we will mis u alot frnd have a nice wounder full life to u :)

11 11 13-22:25:44

- DOraEMon

Steffy steffy puffy puffy cool cool friendly friendly. God bless you. May you live in happiness forever. God bless.

11 11 13-20:40:48

- DOraEMon

Yep. All will leave someday. I am also leaving in between one or two years. But I promise, i will come some evening, when i will miss some friends like you @dimu

11 11 13-20:38:51

- hArIrOcKr

(askinforhelp) u r leaving !!! (blankthotz) dnt knw wat to say !! (cry) u r my best bud !! I wil miss u wid evry breath i take !! Wil remember u til i stop taking dat breath !! (missu) (crycry)

11 11 13-20:18:48

- ZeRo

Whele ale u going Dleamy(sadu)....maine khane ke bale mein kisse kahunga..(weepy)..plz dont go.(dontgo)...I will miss..u....(weepy)

11 11 13-20:16:37

- SweTa_kiLLer

we will miss yu dreamy(crycry)atleast try to remember us(cya)n hav a happy lyf ahead!!

11 11 13-19:50:18


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