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G0D Is SeeINg EveRyThiNg nd EveRyWheRe by: G0D-f4tH3R

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(elo) All My D3aR Fr!enDs (hi4), AftEr a LonG T!me toDay ! M HeRe W!tH a NeW BloG as...........
(star) G0D !s seeInG EveRyTh!nG ThaT iS Go!nG !n Th!s WorLd (star)
Why This Top!C CamE in My Mind???? SomEtiMes Our Mind/HeaRt become GrEEdY for ThE Th!ng LosT By Sm1 nd FouNd By Us,
All ArE Not SaMe bt in most Cases We KeEp it With Us Whatever it May Be:p
DonT yOu Th!nK its a ShaMefuLL AcT?????
On ThE OtHeR SiDe...... An InC!deNt OnLy 2 DayS BaCk...., I LoSt Vollet with My ATM CaRd,I-CarD, nd 6-8K CasH, nd ws GettinG DisturbeD for Almost HaLf Of DaY(pagal), NeAr Abt 3:00 PM i Got a Call Frm SeCuritY OffiCe of My UniVerSitY, I WenT TheRe nd Got SurprisEd (oh) A PersoN ws TheRe With My Vollet without Anything Missing
I ThanKeD Him a Lot, Bt Couldnt StoP MyselF FrOm Asking HiM, WhY He Returned My Vollet when it Had CaSh,ATM Card etc.etc.???????
He Replied, Mr. G0D Is WatChiNg EverYthiNg, Wt if i Kept it With Me and Use This MonEy, Bt My HearT couldnt Bear This Act of Shamefulness... So Here is Ur ThinG:)
I Felt Guilty aftEr askinG a Stupid Ques.. Like this To Him, Bt Also LearnT a LeSSon nd SaLutE For His HonestY nd GreaT ThinKing
A QuesTioN For YoU All My FrnDs......
Wt If He Didnt Return Me My Vollet??
WhY He Said GoD is LookiNg EveRythiNg????
WhY PeOpLe KeeP LosT ThinGs in Most Cases??
Please GiVe Ur CommentS on This (thankieu)
YourS LovinGly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(gangsta2) G0D-F4tH3R (gangsta2)

17 11 13 - 09:36:58


Rate: 4.6666666666667 - Points: 14

G0D Is SeeINg EveRyThiNg nd EveRyWheRe : Recent Comments

- SupeRCo0L

Kabhi kabhi to apun ko lagta hai...(puzzled)..Apun he God hai..(yesh)

04 12 20-01:46:53


God is truely watching everything we do and every step we take nd every moves we make, it pays to be good human being than to live a shameful nd disgraceful life, he returned your wollet because he has the fear of God in him(thanku)

27 06 19-15:10:03

- Bushra

A very nice blog, especially for those who are non believers of God. :) well, God is watching us all time and noticing us. We will be asked about everything.

12 08 14-19:49:39


yes God is indeed watching everything we do on earth its also very important to have the fear of God in us because you might do something secretly but remember God is everywhere he sees where human can\'t see(smile)

06 06 14-02:03:15

- Arnikoo

nice blog,everyone should take lesson 4m ur blog.

28 03 14-10:57:03

- kelly

i think your blessed 2 have this happen 2 u,2 that guy that gave back d money (clap) we need alot more ppl like u in d world, great GREAT blog (yesyes)

21 11 13-19:32:36

- Flow3r

awesome blog n all shud take lesson frm dis exp

17 11 13-22:54:38

- tina20

Sbko soch ek jaisi nhi hoti..nealuu.. bt anyways..honesty is d best policy nd its awesome blog... Gud...

17 11 13-21:15:23

- NisHiKa

Apni apni soch n sanskaar he! Koi rakh leta he to koi wapas karta he! God does watch ur every deed coz he resides in ur heart. When you do something wrong ur soul will always make you feel guilty for that.

17 11 13-10:20:20

- hArIrOcKr

(tup) honesty !!! The fear of almighty ?? Or the respect to god ?? Waz he a rich person ?? Or just afraid of police ?? (pagal)

17 11 13-09:51:54


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