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My Wifey(heart) by: Yours_pixiedust

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A mere hello
Replied from a simple hi
Wearing fake smile
This time it\'s no lie
Fastened from the deep
Sailing in the sky
Butterflies Flap
No idea how and Why
Thoughts begun bugging the head
When did all start ?
Yesterday\'s the same
Today\'s a beat of one heart
Distance has taken a back
Time loses its track.
Acceptance of the heart
Leaves no regret nor doubts inside
Freedom from fear,
Romance for real;
leaving everything behind
as long as our love binds
As long as you believe
Our heart could make it for real
Love could make it even a lifetime
Just be still and know that your other half bears all things
Never Let Go-
This would be once ever after.
So long as the sun shines from above
So long that i would be standing next to you.
So know that no matter what,For all I know You Love Me
or You may love me Not Yet
I love you Baby Wifey(happy)

30 12 13 - 06:43:19


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My Wifey(heart) : Recent Comments

- ashu19

Wow beautiful........niceeee ....ur wifey is sooo lucky

06 10 14-12:10:15

- Yours_pixiedust

@chuck (tehe) I WILL SURELY WILL DO THAT ! (haha) Love her like theres No one else around (gdreaming)

02 02 14-10:23:15

- hArIrOcKr

True words !! Straight from ur heart adee !!! U r a nice writer !! (thumbsup)

16 01 14-23:35:28

- jan21mar

no matter how far u r from each other, same heartbeat binds u together.
dont let distance be a hindrance:),and dont listen what other people will say,do what ur heart saying.

07 01 14-10:33:49

- Ignatia

such lovely words for a person inlove :) love knows no race nor gender !! way to go lovebirds

30 12 13-09:21:17

- mirachhabra

Loved each word of it..
May you two be blessed with best Almighty has .. :)

30 12 13-08:07:13


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