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Did I become Santa?? by: ZeRo

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24th December….
^Go away you Bloody Swine ^…I heard someone screaming. I looked around to find a bunch of kids holding a Tin box in hand. The two people who were shouting at them pushed one girl very hard and went away. The other 2 kids picked her up. The girl was crying now. Both other kids patted her to Cheer her up shouting ^ Yeah!! Yeah!!^ I did nothing but gazed at their attire. Rugged clothes with not even a single button to close the shirt. The girl was wearing a torn frock where the zipper behind was not closed because there was no zip at all. If anybody would have seen it they would have just passed by unnoticing. But there was something which captivated my eyes. One their inquisitive eyes, a smile emanating from the unclean face and parched lips. And thirdly some torn Red and White Cone cap. I recognized it, Its Santa Cap, but may be some 10 years old buried somewhere. It was very dirty.
They looked at me and holding their shoulders did a murmuring meeting like Team India does in Cricket matches and before I could have thought anything they came surrounding me and waved their Tin container which was now making sound as if there some coins inside and started to cheerfully wish  ^Merry Christmas..!!!!Merry Christmas..!!!^. I did not know what to do. I had just notes which were Rs.100 or more. But they were cheering so much. I squatted and looked into the eyes of the girl as I removed my purse from my pocket. I folded the Rs.100 note and put it inside the opening of the tin box. The eyes of the children did not blink for a moment. I held the hand of the girl and asked ^ What is your Name and what is your age?^..She looked at the other kids as if asking their consent and then looking at me replied..^Jhilmil…^..I said: ^ hmmm !! Nice name..^ And then an older boy laughed and replied. ^7years is her age^. I rose and held the hands of the kids and asked You know what is Christmas and who is Santa Claus. And why are you guys begging at so much early age? The older boy replied..^ Babuji, because this is what we are supposed to do.^ shrugging his shoulders. I said and what is your name? He replied: ^Faiz....Babuji .. and this is Shaan.. He kept it himself. Idiot sings a lot and dont let us sleep at night …^and all giggled..^We are begging since a very early age and this is what we do. Our livelihood is all dependent on begging. Our parents beg and so do we. We make 100 bucks per day and you just made our work easier today. We can now play and have some more fun time together…^
I looked into their eyes. They seemed all very happy with the Rs.100 note..I asked again:^ ..And what about Christmas and Santa Claus..^ They small girl replied in smiling face: ^ Christmas is festival where we get more money than usual and when we get people like you, we have to beg less..^ And gave a childish grin and I noticed her 2 teeth were broken..Then Shaan who was silent for a long time replied: ^ we dont know Santa Claus..Just know about these caps of Santa…^….. I looked at them and I dont know how I felt. I asked: ^ will you guys eat chocolate..?^ ..They were a little petrified now seeing my friendliness and asking them for chocolate. I replied: ^ Dont worry, you dont have to go somewhere.I will get you from this shop itself^.. All smiled again. I bought them 3 Cadbury Chocolates and as they ate, I was questioning myself whether by giving them money; I am supporting begging by children? My mind was tussling. But whatever it was, I felt good seeing their smiling faces. As they were finishing their chocolates, I said them…^ Bye!!! Merry Christmas..^ And turned towards my way and was little far… when Jhilmil shouted ^ Babuji..What is your name..^….I smiled and Replied….^SANTA CLAUS…^

12 01 14 - 01:06:16


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Did I become Santa?? : Recent Comments

- Crepe

I\'m so glad this blog of yours,Brownie Bear appeared in my main page. This is so heart warming that it really made me smile while reading till the end. I should give you more foods,now! (sadyeyes) I love your blog and gonna put you in my list of favorite bloggers here in RC. (toohappy)

28 05 17-12:39:56

- wynxmoon

Sometimes, a small act of kindness can save a life and gave children hope.. vry nice story :)

18 01 14-06:07:11

- GelLIcIouS

why,whenever i comment on smthng thr will no comment of mine shown

15 01 14-00:26:09

- CrAzyJeSsi

Nice blog....hope so everyone gets Santa like u :p...which is actually hard to get theses days :)

14 01 14-20:40:56

- Oasis

Nice blog as always
worth reading...

14 01 14-00:22:47

- tina20

Nice blog... Sammyy keep it up...always a head....:)

13 01 14-16:52:52

- GelLIcIouS

wow!amazing santa nice of u,be blessed

13 01 14-12:11:05

- NisHiKa

Of course Sammo.. You became Santa.. Spreading few moments of happiness.. And do i need to say anything about your writing skills? Its a masterpiece as always..

12 01 14-19:53:28

- Raptur3

Another random thought from an awesome writer. U r great as a writer and a human. God bless u sammy.

12 01 14-18:54:33

- Jas_Min

Wow.! U have a good hearted man.. keep it up SANTA CLAUS..!! :)

12 01 14-16:37:36

- X_CoNstaNtinE_X

How nicely u hv drafted... its really a smile giving emotional incident... u hv not given beg to them...u gave moment of happiness to dem...nice blog sammy (tup)

12 01 14-16:34:23

- taniaa

Now dats a piece worth reading...Very well Structured...
Good Job Buddy...! :)

12 01 14-14:55:40

- smile_everyday

Welldone santa claus a sad but nice expirience.while reading this story my heart felt very heavy,you have a big heart Hero,stay the same way.God bless you and the children.

12 01 14-14:11:57

- punkhudi

Yeah vry nyc writtng n ur thoughts.. keep it up .. aajkal kaun road pe ghumne wale poor kids ko kaun enta notice karta hai ... u r so cool... nyc blog (cry)... god kare n kabhi kisi bachon ko pe beggr na banna pade.. may god blss dem ...

12 01 14-13:20:47

- Flow3r

Awesome writting as always sammy keep writting these kind of bful blog always (heartysmile)

12 01 14-13:11:15


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