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Dont You Dare Fall In Love With Me! by: wynxmoon

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I am a woman with dignity and pride.
A strong girl that even you cannot defy.
Yes, I may be caring and sweet towards you,
But dont you dare think that I am in love with you.
You can call me whatever you want,
A baby, darling, honey, cutey or sweetheart.
Because I know it is only your way of having fun.
I will not get angry if that is what you want.
Dont you dare try to ask me of being your girlfriend.
I do not need any of that crap statement!
I am sorry for being so different.
Is that what you want from me?
But I will not be the girl you want me to be.
A good friend, that is what I can be.
I will be willing to hear your sweet talks.
Even though I know it will all be lies.
I will not even say a word, despite of you saying goodbye.
But dont you dare act as if you are like my dream guy.
Now you know what kind of woman I can be.
You can either accept me or you can hate me,
Or you can even stay, to always be my friend.
But whatever you choose, it dont matter to me.
Just please,dont you dare fall in love with me?
:p :p :p

31 01 14 - 01:32:14


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Dont You Dare Fall In Love With Me! : Recent Comments

- lipsy

yeah lvly blog frnd.yeah aftr readng ur xpression m fallng in lve wid u..haha..

27 01 21-20:24:50

- kish21Royal

Words in small has big meaning,words in big has small meaning,,i love the words with depth meaning.i like the person different from me has own decision?only the face dont attract me..

26 05 16-16:37:50

- Zoshie

This blog makes me, YOU GO, GIRL! and *snap* *snap* ^^

08 01 16-08:21:14

- wynxmoon

Thanks eclipse ..uv noticed i want to kick someone ass on dat blog:p

25 05 15-17:15:55

- Arnikoo

nice saying : on words to say except to understand
the words . its awesome

02 05 15-20:08:04

- wynxmoon

@jahlee: haha yeah, I jst felt so annoyed back then dat made me write dis :p

26 04 15-21:47:27

- JahLee

Great write up. (thumbsup) I could feel your mood while you are writing this one. Very intense and heavy.

25 04 15-01:14:41

- JahLee

Great write up. (thumbsup) I could feel your mood while you are writing this one. Very intense and heavy.

25 04 15-01:14:29

- wynxmoon

hahaha sis mitch thanks a lot (thumbsup).. ur d bloggr girl alright !

15 02 15-19:19:36

- mitchee

nyc blog sis..(tup) comes from the (heartbeat) blogger girl.. naks!(roflol) keep it up sis..

13 02 15-21:03:26

- wynxmoon

(ras) r u sayin u wnt me to hav 2 or mor luvrs?? lol

29 11 14-17:58:20

- wynxmoon

haha nope.. wats rare is girls havng 2 or mor luvrs (tt)

23 11 14-11:50:14

- wynxmoon

hmm. maybe.. bt boyß like dat ar nw belong to endangered species (ras).. its so rare to see boys like dat

23 11 14-10:26:16

- wynxmoon

becoz heart of boys can b deceiving..frst they say they luv u bt in a second dey luv anothr .. somtyms dey do wats wid dat? (hehe)

23 11 14-10:06:37

- wynxmoon

haha.. I cant b fool na (tt).. I alrdy knw their lies

23 11 14-09:40:27

- wynxmoon

@killersmile: all boys ar d, tired of alwys blieving their stupid lies (ras)

23 11 14-09:20:46

- wynxmoon

@killersmile: hahah, i dnt thnk of him na :p.. i knw hes not serious abt it 2

21 11 14-19:28:27

- JaZzY_BoY

haha dear u postd all the questn which all gals wants to ask. thats nice swt:)gal

12 10 14-11:30:21

- wynxmoon

@bengali-babu: mahal kita is a phil means I luv u

07 08 14-12:51:22

- M3Perfect

well whtever u wrote above its ur thought bt how can u judge any1 tht who really loves u or not . we r human being thr is so many thing which is beyond us (smoke)

15 07 14-16:53:45

- wynxmoon

wat does teekhi mirchi means? (puzzled) it in hindi? sorry I dnt undrstnd dat language :p

03 05 14-09:35:17

- aamirr

haha... its too good to comment on..... teekhi mirchi... (lolz)

03 05 14-05:18:37

- wynxmoon

(ras) silly! who said im hurt in this?

09 04 14-11:36:44

- innocent_heart

nice blog:)ur hurted heart feels by these lines:)

09 04 14-09:11:56

- wynxmoon

oh, thank u so much @kelly ! :):).. yup, somtimes girls shud step up to boys too :p

27 02 14-12:54:51

- kelly

best blog in RC so far, its d best (clapclap) u go girl, girl power

27 02 14-00:24:38

- wynxmoon

@ashely: thank u sis :p hav u expriencd a chatter like dat too? Hehe

11 02 14-22:19:32

- cutie_angel

WowWwwwww. I love this. Tell them baby. Wow kool. I love ur blog girl.

11 02 14-20:39:40

- sagar..

i try make a ur dream boy

31 01 14-21:06:13

- wynxmoon

Hehe, thanks u so much for liking it illusion! (grin)

31 01 14-16:38:30

- cRUMpLED_heARt

Wow.!! This is the kind of blog i like it most..! Keep it up girl.!!(up)

31 01 14-14:55:10


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