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it might was there for u and me… it might we were too busy to realize de moments in every second ov our life dat passed by… o we just forgot to thanks GOD for it til it became mizzin mOmEnt for us… sometimez bein undarstandin z more importand than bein right… sometimez we need not a brilliant mind dat speakz but a patient heart dat listen… not keen eyes dat always see faultz but open armz to accept… not a finger dat pointz out mistakez but gentle hand dat leadz… everyone makez mistake in life but dat doesnt mean they hv to pay for it in de rest ov their life sometimez GOOD ppl make BAD choicez it doesnt mean they r BAD; it meanz they r HUMAN since LIFE z a dream for de wise… a game for de fool… a comedy for rich and a tragedy for de poor so be happy alwayz (cutie) spend ur time on those dat (love3) u unconditionaly, dont waste on those dat only (love3) u when de condition r right for them…

18 02 14 - 10:14:53


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- shiloh

Wow,, nicely said,,, Understanding each other,,, can really mean alot in any kind of relation,,,,!!

05 04 19-00:03:22

- DiAnAmO_-

Nice blog dear
Very true (up)
Ppl always waste ther life in thos things.
So its very useful.good one

17 07 14-17:44:46

- smile_everyday

The last part is well said Safira,but love can\'t being compaired with someones condition,condition can be bad or good it depends,but LOVE will stay forever once it enter in us deeply:) if someone means much to you you should keep praying for them:)

13 06 14-07:03:08

- Tanuj

Good blog safira, keep writing and keep it up.

17 03 14-04:17:50

- VoL_CaNo

Awesome truth.....hope evry1 learns frm u..(smile)

19 02 14-18:15:30

- sincere

After understandings the most important thng is“PATIENCE” u hv to b patient even if the other person s wrong bcoz more important s to save and maintain the relationship.

19 02 14-01:28:11

- sincere

NICE! The most important thng in any relation is UNDERSTANDING! most of the times thngs go wrong due to misunderstandings! so we should try to understand b4 taking any step!

19 02 14-01:15:42

- X_CoNstaNtinE_X

(star) Superb blog again Safira(clapping) mind blowing feelings...shows how nice(heart) heart u have in real..(hug)

18 02 14-10:33:09


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