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Our love story Part 2 by: jan21mar

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(clixme) For reading Our Love Story Part 1
During our first year of living together,we always sleep at m0rning and at night time we just talk (pillowtalk) about anything that came to our mind. getting 2 knw each other. We even sneaked to his mom store at dawn 2 gt sum softdrinksand fuds. And stay in beach by 5am.before going to sleep. :)
For some years we both go to same college,even becum classm8s which s a dsadvantage 4 me coz i have 2 stdy my notes(which s nt my type)
Just like other relationship.we ve been thru a state of arguing and shouting at each other. Cried coz was hurt by da words thrown,but whats nice of jan s that even its my fault he will always nt let da day or nyt passed without saying sorry to me.
Jan always gave me anything i asked from him. Any food i want to eat,i just have to tell him and we wl buy it. Our not that perfect,sumtyms i felt like being suffocated with his love and want some spare time,i even told him 2 learn not 2 luv me and luv his self instead. And he just covered his face and cry,and that time my heart really hurts.i h8 myself.i just h8 seeing him cry.thats what made me wrote the imsorry blog.
Even im addicted to rc,and even flirt wd sum guys here,i realized and knw myself i really love him,was just feling jailed with much love of him.
From all da ups and down we reach 6.5yrs of relationship or 5.3yrs of living together. And still we didnt broke up..
But death came and take him away. And i have no power to stopped it. I felt sad,coz he never bid gudbye.but i found a letter(farewell letter blog). he just love me after all da heartaches i hv gv him.
To my baby jan_mar.
Jan_mar will always be ur name and mine fated 2 b as one,bt fated nt 2 last 4 l0ng.still im thankful to God that we reach this.
That HE had gven us chance 2 b together. For dis borrowed life,i wl nvr 4gt u. Ur always my 1st love! Thankieu 4 evrything!i accept that ur with God,im just missing ur presence babyhoney. Rest in peace my love. Love love man ka sa mommy.
I will nver 4gt that date 22nd of sept.2013 around 3:30am.i have seen hw u lost ur breathe,and slept in my chest.i love u in peace,be happy in our fathers side..

21 02 14 - 01:53:24


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Our love story Part 2 : Recent Comments

- buenificent

A sad love story (sadgirl)If this thngs happened to me maybe I dnt knw wat to do,bt I knw ur bhe is happy now with God our father..cuz in heaven no more suffering,condemnation nd decay,just happiness nd everlasting love :)

20 12 14-05:16:37

- Simply_Mhe

Nakakaiiyak naman love story nyo..ang sakit sa pakiramdam.. Kung mangyari sakin 2..baka di ko makayan..

01 06 14-18:25:09


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