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Two years! WHOO! by: rose_angel

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Hello, dear RC users.
A lot of you probably don\'t know who I am. (ras) It seems that I\'ve been inactive for far too long, hm? :p
My name is Avalon.
Anyone who knew me when I first started here knew me by the name of Emily, or Em, a false name I used because I have a tendancy not to trust people I meet online. Internet safety and all that jazz.
(Obviously, I\'ve gotten over it.)
I was twelve when I first joined our lovely website. Yes, you read correctly, twelve. (ras) Needless to say, I was a rebellious little buttfart who didn\'t read enough of the rules to know that I was two years too young for RC. (hehehe)
Well, now that I\'ve reached the minimum age to be here, cool. (thumbsup) I\'ll actually be turning 15 in May. (hehehe)
I like to think that I\'ve matured, if only a little. (Just a little, though.)
For one, my spelling and grammar are so much better. :p That\'s..about it, though. (lol) I still find it hard to act my age.
The purpose of this blog is to celebrate being here so long, even if no one reads or comments.
I\'ve made so many wonderful friends here, fallen in love, learned so much from my much older fellow users of Rockchat.
I wouldn\'t trade any of it for the world. I loved every moment of it, even when I was angry, even when I was inactive or not in a mood to chat.
And if you don\'t mind, I\'d like to give a small thanks to everyone who helped makemy experiance oh-so-very wonderful
The staff, first of all, for doing such a frickin\' amazing job keeping the website wonderful. I couldn\'t be a staff member (lol) (thumbsup)
Next is Kaycee, whom I haven\'t talked to in awhile but I\'d like to mention anyways for showing me RC.
My old group of friends: Dan, Kaycee, Mike, and Liz. I don\'t speak with any of you anymore, but I can never forget the joy we all shared.
Ubi, for being the first person I grew to love through Rockchat.
And lastly, everyone that I\'m talking to for tolerating my lack of replies while writing this. :p
It\'s been a good couple of years.

26 02 14 - 08:47:35


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Two years! WHOO! : Recent Comments

- imusika

As of today , youve been idle for 4yrs and counting. Well atleast you enjoyed when you stayed for 2 years :)

19 05 19-21:14:21

- -RoHaN_RoXxTaR-

Ya I remember getting decent replies from you but got confused by ur variable nameS. :) . Anyway this seems to be the blog I should have written but mine got unidirectional. Nice blog Av.

11 11 15-09:19:58

- Arnikoo

Just wanna say ,great to knew about you (shake) .
your thaughts ,your fellings to them (greeting)
i guess you were famous at
your own time but still you are Famous :)

12 05 15-13:35:04

- hearthrob87

Congratss buddy for ur completion of 2 yrs on rc. From ur above words its clear tht u have learnt somethin frm rc.. Keep goin and keep chatting in ur comin years too on rc..

28 04 14-13:16:17

- Pi-RAtE

Congrats . you been 2 years here (jawdrop) am still a new bie.(pat) Your true words really well expressed. Wish you to enjoy and stay happily here (bravo)

27 04 14-10:01:34

- NisHiKa

Congratulations for completing 2 years on Rc. Hope u enjoy chatting here for years to come :)

18 04 14-10:52:48

- Trish_

(up) u seems to be of my age hahahaha m also young n can b stubborn mischievious impolite freak out here n dere ...m just wondering y i had never been thrown out

19 03 14-02:32:54


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