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Hi folks.. I really wnted to write a blog since a long time but dint have any idea of wt to write about.. Today i guess the time has come..just would like to discuss about friends... Are friends really true to us?? Do they just use us and stay away frm us wen all their need is over?? Is tht what friends are for.. Throughout my life i have come across so many but i guess nly my school mates were sincere to me and we still do keep in touch even after 11years.. Why do some ppl take frndship for granted?? Why do they have a nature of use and throw frnds?? I have come across ppl also whom i was really close with n did everythn for them without them even teln me.. Its not tht i want them to do back wt i did for them .. Never!! I do it coz of love and affection.. Once their need is over they just suddenly out of the blue start keepn distance, talk less dont behave as before.. Are there ppl really like this also?? Plss give ur views regarding this..

08 03 14 - 06:25:20


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Friends... : Recent Comments

- shiloh

You do not get friends that easily,,,,you have to prove urself and and earn that friendship,, make urself worthy of the other ones friendship!,,, lol its only my view nahhh (hehe)

05 04 19-00:22:33

- Bushra

I have a few friends and i am therefore happy that i am not blindfolded about making friends:)

22 01 16-23:06:58

- wynxmoon

friendship.. its a great thng to hav.. but I dont thnk forgettng ur friends is real frndshp.. coz if its true, ul never forget even time and distance keeps u apart.. stil ur friends wil stay in ur heart..

16 02 15-14:02:00

- pinky123

V cnt demand affectn frm ppl...we cnt force n say love me love me by force

03 06 14-12:40:58

- pinky123

Smtimes life takes a u turn due to whch one cnnot maintain frndship due to multiple whch cnt b explained... eg:som of my frnds wee good to b bfr they git married n after that they wer bust in their life... hurts bt kya karen?..we

03 06 14-12:38:15

- KaRnaN

if u cant control ur emotions Dont emotionaly attached any one except ur family! if u attached u will get some happiness but if u lost the feeling u have lots of pain. just like jithin said never expect gud things from anyone.

13 04 14-00:38:43

- sega

hey nice blog, u wrote it from d bottom of ur heart, me too came across ppl like this, lets take it like this, god has sent those ppl to us so that we should help them when they are in need, and our part in their life s over after that work s over..

31 03 14-15:38:26

- SmartVarun

mythili I think u r hurted by some frds.u r also like me.I promise u that I will be ur true frd as u expecting.true frdship lives upto the end of their life.

17 03 14-19:10:45

- NisHiKa

Most people we meet are fair weather friends sis. Once their need is over, they disappear!

12 03 14-08:06:05

- hearthrob87

Thanks a lot everyone for the support u r givn me.. Yaa siyaa im hurt a lot by such characters.. Thanks my sweet sis.. Jishnu thanks for considerin me as one of ur best frnd.. :) thanks a lot all of u guyss

09 03 14-00:31:41

- jishnu7

I just know one thing.... Youre one of the best friend ive found here...:) i dont wanna miss you....:)

08 03 14-23:01:07

- Oasis

Maithali my dear it seems u deeply hurted ...Life is long ..u wl get tht ur person who wl be ur frd ur hmm Sakha..True frds r really few ...nicely expressed emotions

08 03 14-22:33:07

- smile4u

nice blog .. my sweet friend this world is tht which give less return .. nd all person hav. diffrnt mind setup never expect more.. but it doesnt means that all are same .... friendshp is somethng spl. always (tup).... just enjoy d life (smile)

08 03 14-20:29:12

- JiTHiN

First of all ,Do Not Expect anything from anyone ! if u xpect something and if u didnt get that ,it hurts a lot .this applicable in all relations .
i knw what made u write this blog now,anyways nicely written.GOOD JOB(tup)

08 03 14-19:24:40


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