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To all male chauvinist pigs.. by: NekoSenpai

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I was reading Simone de Beauvoir\'s The Second Sex a while ago and it forced me to think the truth behind her words. That women are not \'born\' women, but are \'made\' into one. A girl child is always instructed how to behave. She is trained to be a lady (almost the way we train our pets to perform). And this phenomenon is not limited to any specific culture or civilization. Its everywhere, be it a first world country or a third world. Intrestingly something similar haapens at rockchat.
What made me write this blog was the way boys at rockchat react to my currect display pic. Its intresting to note how an animated photograph of a girl displaying her legs (obviously more than what these boys call the modest limit) stir the intrest of these chauvinist pigs (mind it that term is not coined by me). Why do they try to tell that the display pic is not decent when it is their imagination which is full of dirt? Funny how some even refused to chat me when i denied to change that pic, and the other few were intrested only in sex chat!
Well to all those male dominant chauvinist pigs heres what i say.. \" I wont change my display pic. I simply love the pic. And i dont care what you think. \"

01 04 14 - 07:25:52


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To all male chauvinist pigs.. : Recent Comments

- Mirage

Well.. I feel shocked after reading this blog.. I couldn\'t have thought about that gender descrimination could affect even in a virtual world like this.. And I feel wonder which ones were that males who had asked you to change your profile pic ?? Anyway.. This incident in RC proves again that in a male dominant world men will be men always and everywhere..

30 07 17-10:29:43

- Crepe

(thumbsup) yeah! Way to go gurl! (gstatue) womem with realistic ideals--you belong to that category! Hands up to you. (delighted)

09 04 17-23:21:44

- blasee

yes i agree with you ...i didn\'t see the pic ...but there\'s nothing wrong with skirts ...its the way people look free feel free...

13 05 15-22:32:16

- rythms

written a year ago ... but so relevant ... i guess .. it would be relevant if it was written before christ too ,.. we male always find the centre of power and wish to dominate all ... hope someday a change will occure to shift the centre of mass ...

11 04 15-13:17:03

- DiAnAmO_-

Lol ua blog is good but y u all gals thinks that us same??
remember even our fingers are not da same.
Stop blaming all of us plz its realy shamful for us.
Nd yehh guys she is right some of us are realy a maniac (pagal) so give respect n take respect.

09 04 15-12:44:55

- kojak

You gender is not chosen by you. How you chose to use what you dealt is is up to you. Dont let anyone tell you that you cant be your own unique person.

10 01 15-18:47:06

- NisHiKa

Way to go girl.. I completey agree.. Nice bllog.. (tup)

03 06 14-14:11:09

- AIM-Locus

Furious pollen. Every one should take her words seriously indeed very seriously because when she is furious then nothing curious will be left in your virtual life (lol)

17 04 14-10:03:22

+ BluE_MooN

first of all not all da boys r same nd second thing each nd every person think differently nd react in different manner so u cant blame on people to b innocent or have thought like I nd u have choice if u dnt like people thoughts dan u can ignore dem

03 04 14-12:31:43

- SweTa_kiLLer

awesum rudeness i should call it as, sis(claps)when ppl hav corrupted thoughts theres nothng to do with decent pics.well said sisy(tighthug)

01 04 14-21:43:23

- GuDDu

blnlu nyc blog realy its big bad thing fol hea decntly gal .coz many gal cm2tympas n add to own fevt prf lyk any modeling n romantic luv pic etc but crpt thinnk folkz alwys keep bad think.due 2 bad think den dey frgt ur huminty n gv respct to gal

01 04 14-09:16:11


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