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My Love Exist-By Harshita by: Trish_

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My Love Exist when u hold me in ur arms i feel like being secureMy Love Exist wen i lost in d callous crowd n u come searching me worried I feel like missing you is the most difficult task My Love Exist wen u embrace me i feel like being special for uMy Love Exist wen u kiss me i feel like nothing widout ur touch My Love Exist wen u solve my problems as urz wid so much ease n comfort i feel like being so much dependent on uMy Love Exist wen v catch each other^s glance i feel like being imprisoned in the heavenly cageBut My Love did not Exist wen u left me heart broken i feel like lonely and lifeless

24 04 14 - 12:11:20


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My Love Exist-By Harshita : Recent Comments

- imwish2die

Love.... I don\'t think it exist. Simply there are people wants to use you and then they are ready to throw you

19 02 16-22:12:38

- greg

Hmm nice heart touch,
it looks like am hearing love songs in my head and am feeling blushy,ooh,i am falling love with.....(puzzle)(think),
with.....i dont know,but i will wait until the girl of my heart come
i will wait patiently

21 07 14-17:04:34

- Arnikoo

so lovely..its touch the heart .i may gess ur words were from heart ..

29 04 14-18:51:17

- darksider

(whistling) ummm nice great.... (clap)

27 04 14-14:18:05

- Trish_

thank u all fo encouraging me n feedbacks.Thanks a lot every1

26 04 14-21:57:52

- Ignatia

(damn2) love is present always popcorn you just need to acknowledge it,even in pain there\'s love just read between the lines

24 04 14-16:15:40

- Pi-RAtE

Touching and melting words harshu :) well written.
my love exists for my little and cute harshu always (pat)

24 04 14-14:13:44

- YeNzkIe04-_-

.(crying1)a very t0uchng one(bunnylove)

24 04 14-13:06:29

- Oasis

hey gud blog
nicely expressed each emotion wth meaningful action

24 04 14-12:54:05

- CooL_HimanshU

heart touching line,,,,really yaar u r great...hats off (up)....

24 04 14-12:25:42

- Nyx__

Haaan sis...(enchanted) its heart touching (swt_winker) i just love it..(inlovo)

24 04 14-12:18:05


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