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Why are you here in Wap World by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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I have been member here for no specific reason.Im not so good but I want to be true.
Some say just for fun and time pass.
Then why people do chatting almost day and night.Using Sis,Bro or Bhai and some got married.Accepted and sent buddy request.Do you know the meaning of buddy?If your aswer is yes then did you too the essebce of buddy?If not you come to think of it.
Being here is too hard to be yourself.Sharing personal information is prohibited.But thats not a valid reason to say just for fun coz all fake.
Let me say this ,not all in this world to see is to believe Coz not all the time our eyes can see everything.There are time it can be seen by heart only.
In wap world is big different in real world.If you are contented in real life and not interested here then why you are?
Rockers dont deprived yourself to be happy in whatever it is either real or wap.
To be happy is a choice.Nobody can teach u this.
At this moment I found myself here now coz I allow myself to happy thats why Im here(teeth)

30 05 14 - 09:04:37


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Why are you here in Wap World : Recent Comments

- DGrlHeNvrNotced

Oh!At first I have no intention to stay here for long..but look!Ve been here for over a years now, hahha Good people makes me stay to stay here, thats all..

23 08 16-13:55:59

- Arnikoo

Yeh ! U r right... I am here because i am happy here ... And dont let this moment to go (smile)
Thats the point of mine .. Rc and Rc buddies (drink)

12 03 15-13:16:09

+ ArYaNO_

Nyc expressed kitty...well said..(fclap)M still nt believing wat m doing here in ths was my biggst mystake joining here but i didnt knew tht i would meet some wondrful people here including u of course..hehe..m learning a lot frm here,..And even forcefully, but anyhow i hav 2 come here fr my frnzz.

20 12 14-19:59:31

- SwEeT_ReBeLLioN

hi ate nice blog :) well for me I joined RC just for time pass cauz it was our summer break and it was so boring. But I didn\'t know joining here I will meet incredible people and great friends now its too hard for me to leave them.. :)

30 05 14-19:06:31

- YeNzkIe04-_-

at fRst im cOnfuse here at rc and idont know y i being here at the frst place buT wen iMeet tHose tRue fRnds in my mInd enTered maybe tHis the rEason y im heRe:p to haVe and make a gOod fRnds (true frnd) in real or wap is the same:)

30 05 14-11:12:45

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Though friendship nor relationship not so clear like real but do sharing jokes,trivia,happy and sad moment are quite real.And feelin enjoy to each other accompany even came from different culture and country its also quite real.

30 05 14-11:01:48

- CooL_HimanshU

i dont know y m here...?? total (confused) right now... y ppl called wap world as a dream.. if this is dream then y ppl still sleeping make frnds relationships here...y???
Sometyms it happen with me also ppl said to this is all fake nd like a dre

30 05 14-10:36:32

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

thank u rockers..There are some words not clear let me do here...Wap world just for fun nor time pass yes its true.Even me I would say that.I cant blame people easily to judge here but do respect who want to stay here.Though frienship nor relationshi

30 05 14-10:32:54

- swordfish

I dont knw abt others...but i can speak for myself...
i joined rc just for fun...but slowly and slowly i got addicted to it...
this addiction was not for love,sis or was some cool frnds..and i am pretty sure this frndshp of mine with

30 05 14-09:31:13


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