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No regrets, just hope by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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We build dreams with people we love
But the reality that nothing\'s permanent in this world.
Love comes and goes.
People stay and leave.
Life is a constant cycle of CHANGE.....
finding and losing,
making and breaking,holding and letting go,staying and moving,
dying and living.
But thats life.Love it,live it as it is.
Most importantly enjoy everything no regrets, just hope.(wishluck)

18 06 14 - 03:17:27


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No regrets, just hope : Recent Comments

- cool_princess

Nice and true words..very inspiring..we have to accept all happenings n our life

23 07 14-23:20:49

- CooL_HimanshU

Sometyms love stay forever, many pplz thinks love is fake here true but love is not just a word which needs any kind of definition or expertize its happen... some tym its happen with wrong pplz nd sometyms is happns with true 1 ... life is empty with

18 06 14-16:18:09

- X_CoNstaNtinE_X

So true..Yeah evrythng changes just impression in heart remains:) and those impressions depends upon how we treat life..(martini)

18 06 14-15:31:28


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