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Fashion is in YOURSELF by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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(ilovepink)Hello(wave4) those who read this blog,hope you like it (thinky)right here talks about fashion.
When U heard fashion, obviously its popular trend nd elegant style such as with signature gowns/clothes,accessories,shoes and make-up.(dancingdoll)In other way fashion has the power to tranform our image(fairy)
Am I right?
Well,quite true.
I just use QUITE true, simply
because even the cheapest outfit/
style its already a fashion.It doesnt
required an expensive things to
Fashion is ourselves not ourselves is
in the fashion.
Fashion emphasize our personality.A
good personaliy inside and outside
will make you look gorgoeus and
fabulous even simplest way
Real fashion is within ourselves

25 06 14 - 07:37:22


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Fashion is in YOURSELF : Recent Comments

- simplechick

For me.. if you feel good about you are wearing I guess you look good.. thats it!

24 08 17-20:09:03

- nerdygirl

Of course! Yea fashion is us is the way we act and are the clothes and all that are just the bonus!:)

03 08 16-09:51:25

- Resilient

it makes sense :) fashion is being yourself in a simple way

28 07 16-17:58:04

- Bushra

Fashion in the dress, looks doesnt keep importance. Wear complete and clean clothes and try to mend the person inside you.

11 08 14-14:16:03

- AIM-Locus

So may least the outward shows... ... ... World is still deceived with Ornaments.

15 07 14-00:55:25

- Arnikoo

Yes, fashion looks us samrt but not intlegent .it is needed but not our part of life

25 06 14-10:36:33

- Pi-RAtE

Cool (superb) fashion s in oneself. not just by the way they look but in their own attitude and style . awesom lines about fashion (claps)
shows your fashion sense too (hehe)

25 06 14-10:01:49


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