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I Will B me Tis tyM by: Pi-RAtE

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What You had.....S what You Got
WalKing alone Never Feels Bad.... Wer U Get a Tym to Urge Urself
Been Wandering around The World .....Just WalKing alone To Share
Missing Few fellas .... But Nevertheless In The Mind
Feeling Where To Relax.... To Ease Up Only a pain
What If all Are Unreal...To Make You so Deep Weird
Every Thing Happens FOr a Reason.....No Matter How Come It Was True
Always B strong To Bear It...... Never Fear of Your Life in a cage
Life Depends Upon luck.... Make Sure How much U have Attained
Past S past .... Future S rest to decide your only way
Make It Meaningful ... Feel The pain
Just you r left alone To Make ..... So let I will B my self To decide This Time
....... Lyf Some Times Need Your Decision Alone……(unbelievable)

26 06 14 - 11:17:38


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I Will B me Tis tyM : Recent Comments

- sboy

what a beautiful description abt how to get out from difficult siuation in lyf...p

25 03 15-00:09:18

- X_CoNstaNtinE_X

wow absolutely correct Nice blog thambi (hug)

27 06 14-23:32:53

- Oasis

good blog Pravin
I think luck is part of Life .smtimes even luck feels secondary infront of high spirit
itz time to make decision alone..n to take responsibility of tht decisions too

27 06 14-11:43:20

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

(clapclap)This blog so amazing,its short yet really meaningful and great choosen words.Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes reason are not enough to explain why everything happen.We can never go back and change what has been done.

27 06 14-09:31:42

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

But we can always earn the lessons learned to make things better next time.Yes,there are time we should be alone to made right decisions for ourselves.(tup)

27 06 14-09:29:31


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