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Humans are social animals and the way we communicate segregates us from the rest of the species of living beings. With advent of technology and modernity humans have become far more ambitious and most of our time is consumed in earning for ourselves. Socializing which indicated hanging out with friends and having a fun filled time has just evaporated. Socializing has taken a backseat. We seldom find time for communication. Its similar for everyone as everyone is busy in their lives. But life is a story of ups and downs. And we need to communicate when we are at high or when we are at low. In either scenarios happiness needs to be shared to actually feel happy and sadness needs to be shared to make the sadness recede. So the question arises what to do in such circumstances?
Well the need was much necessary and due to this the concept of online friends and free chatting evolved.
What is free chatting?
The name itself suggests what it is. There are many sites available now days where u can register and start interacting with ppl online in there free Chat rooms. It is easy to use and very user friendly. Unlike other social networking sites where you can be found or caught by others which you do not want in Free Chat sites there are no chances of someone sabotaging you.
Benefits of Free Chat:
1) Best and biggest benefit of free chat is that... Its Free!!!! u dont have to pay for it.. all u need is an internet connection.
2) You get to interact with ppl from various segments of society through free chat. Which ideally could not have been possible in real life?
3) When u r in a Global Free Chat, u can chat with ppl from various ethnicity and geographical location. U can share your ideas and views. This is helpful because to meet and exchange of ur ideas on a particular subject or for any other thing, u dont really need to know ppl in that location. U can search for them n find them in ur Global Free Chats.
4) A real time experience of speaking your emotions out whenever you want.
5) Most importantly not many of us are boisterous or very outgoing or extremely extrovert. But deep within everyone has a desire to be a happening personality. Free Chats gives you an opportunity to be an extrovert. It gives u the chance to develop the art of communication.
Benefits of Online Friends:
1) Though we sometimes never meet of with the person whom we meet online.. but online friends fill the void of a relationship that we have in our lives which brought us to free Chat rooms.
2) There is no identity crisis as the online friend necessarily do not need to know who and from where exactly u are. Its a connect which builds on the internet medium and there are no strings attached.
3) Online friends can actually share things which we think is taboo to discuss with our family or friends in real life.
4) With set of real life friends we are limited to our exposure of fields and expertise. Whereas making online friends can help you connect with ppl of ur interest. With whom u can share and receive the advice and expertise. Free of cost and also u makes a good bonding.
5) Online friends can never hurt you or harm you unless you give them the opportunity.
6) There are times when we are frustrated and no one is reachable or around..When in need we can always find an online friend in any free chats.
There are further benefits of it which can vary upon your tastes and likeness.
If you have a disposition to the above and u have come here. Let me tell u you are at the right place.... is a place where you will enjoy all the benefits of Global Free Chat as well as get multiple ways to blend urself with your online friends.
Benefits of (A Global Free Chat Site with loads of Online friends across Globe)
1) Most of the free Chat sites have the major issue of abuse in it. May that be gender wise, racial or even at times sexual. Here you will find an abuse free environment for free chat.
2) We have various free chat rooms catering to ur specific needs like. General Free Chat room, Common Free Chat room, Philippines Free Chat room etc and even ppl who have inclination towards adult topics can enjoy in the Adult Free Chat room. We have people as members here from various parts of the world like USA, UK, Africa, Philippines, China, Japan, India, Pakistan and many more.
3) Apart from chatting there are many other methods where we can connect with our online friends. Like our blogs and Forums. This Free Chat site has thousands of forums to its name. Some people prefer to talk less and like to express their views over a topic in a small and appropriate manner. These forums cater to their needs. Blogs on the other hand gives you a chance to express your views in your own creative way.
4) When we talk about online friends and free chat, the very first thing that comes to our mind is that how to strike a conversation or when you know someone unique to be the one you are looking for as an online friend. Well this Free Chat Site has a feature of Personal Messaging which is in short known as PM through which you can send your new interested online friends a personal message.
5) You can upload your pictures in your gallery. When we meet online friends in a Free Chat site many a times we get request from people who wants to see us. To cater to this need you can upload as many pictures of yours in your picture gallery. Not only this, the site reduces the resolution of the pictures uploaded in the User gallery so that no one can mis-utilize it. It has a creative gallery where you can upload various other pics which do not have you in it but you liked the pic and wanted to share it with online friends. If you thought this is nice, let me tell you another attribute of this site. Through this site you can also upload your images in the private gallery which would have a specific code. If you do not wish everyone to you though you wish few or some online friends to see you or your pic, you can share your code with them and only those online friends will have the privilege to view your pictures.
6) When online friends are around how can fun and games be eradicated? Well the site has TTT where you can play with them. It has various other games like Cricket and Hangman too. Through cricket if you have the niche for betting you can do it here. The site also organizes various events and competition for its online users which you can take part after registration.
7) When you are alone and do not want to chat and u are in a somber mood which you want to replace with laughter. Come check out the Jokes free Chat room, where every minute you will find a new joke to laugh at.
8) There are dedicated staffs in its team who help in making the place remain an abuse free Global Free Chat.
9) There are at times when we don’t want to speak and one an emotion can answer about your feeling to your online friends. We have more than 3500 smileys in
10) We have simple color codes and text codes which can be used during our free chats with our online friends, to make our chat post or PMs more decorated and exciting.
This was all about my blog which I wrote on the socializing on internet is concerned. But remember one thing which is most important. Online friends can never replace the place of your family and real friends. It’s a small life and try as much time you can spend with your family and friends. The WAP world or the Internet world is a virtual world and the fun and enjoyment derived through it is extremely volatile and virtual. With this in mind, I welcome to our unique site ROCKCHAT
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16 07 14 - 08:43:23


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Online Friends and Free Chat : Recent Comments

- chitra21

very good site to share feelings with others without fear. i feel really happy here. thnx

30 06 17-09:29:11

- Crepe

You Brownie Bear is a serious deal! (ordero) You seemed got a lot of experiences in writing. Kinda really long blog. I wonder how you put such effort to write this. Nonetheless, IMPRESSIVE!

28 05 17-12:54:51

- spicyxone

I kinda skip some of it but very descriptive and very true but reality suck. Dr. Seuse said it best \"fantasy is necessary ingredient for living\".

27 11 15-06:52:13

- chanderi

Hmm sammy ur too good in writting ... nyc info about chatting

18 11 14-12:19:23

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Frankly speaking,I cant find the exact word to say.Very impressive from dangelous guy(respect).

29 09 14-06:41:15


Cool saying ...I know one thing its in your hand wt you serving ourself on at any social site.:)

25 07 14-00:15:46

- AIM-Locus

Great for promotion of this place. Rated 5 for your unique descriptive advertisement.

17 07 14-01:33:10

- CooL_HimanshU

Nice and awsm blog sam bro...(up)

17 07 14-00:43:22


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