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senandung GAZA by: SaFirA

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in diz ramadhan u are in red zone
u are surrounded by cruel and sadist actions
chaos of hatred
swathed in revenge
decorated with anger
forming into split
welcomed de life discrimanation
war as an answer
theres no truth as middle solution
hoard in de sense of peace
unity for a divided
suppression is a symbol of power
collonization as an honor
they r struggling for life
they r fighting for peace
they hv to pay with their pains, tears and bloods
to save u GAZA
they hv to be de victim of diz bloody war
long live GAZA
Rest In PEACE... martyred heroes
(blossom)u are in our DUA(blossom)

25 07 14 - 12:12:40


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- jimmywang

Think of this when you next bitch and moan!!!take nothing for granted and appreciate every opportunity that comes your way that is deprived of the people of gaza.......a true blog safira

19 10 16-04:31:44

- SunShinE_

Check the history please ..not today gaza n israel fighting since the II world media interfeard nwe people came to know.many countries worked hard to settle it bt so far it wont worked .

29 02 16-09:44:57

- maxx55

U...u r not aware that wil aware of ur dispair
dont show ur tearz to ur oppresser.dont show ur tearz.
Try not to God.
u r not alone...i stand by u.
Try not to God.
my heart z ur sound...i flow with u.
i wil stand by u...i wil flow with u...

19 10 15-16:06:54

- Arnikoo

Ur words to powerful .
Drops of tears started comming from eyes (admiring)

11 05 15-13:10:45

- corklad

Christ be with Gaza

03 09 14-21:48:34

- Bushra

Ameen. May Allah save Gaza and the people. Ameen

16 08 14-00:13:09


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