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Just a Smile by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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If there will be
word emphasized more than hard times.....
that would be my situation within past few weeks until now.
But still I cant afford without smile for everytime.
Smile makes people surround us to be strong.
And motivate people to fight for his/her right to live
For tust a smile.
Even how hard it is,
Just a smile.....
Everthing it seems would be easy and going fine.
A positive outlook may occur for...
Just a smile
A conversation will have an good interaction.
For just a smile.
Sleepless nights would be fulfill.
For just a Smile
Teary eyes,self-pity and wounded heart will be faded.
For just a smile.
My strength and fighting spirit wont give up.
For just a smile.
From you
For you.....
Just a Smile.

22 08 14 - 04:31:14


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Just a Smile : Recent Comments

- Resilient

Just smile.. everything will be fine in time. So always give them your sweetest smile.

15 11 17-11:56:28

- Helohelo

(wow) too good! Just smile awayyyyyy (smile) (yeeii)

09 08 15-07:00:39

- AIM-Locus

A bluff or disguise to nip in the bud the reality. There is no escaping from rough reality. Its better to get use to it than to keep living in self made ideal world.

21 09 14-14:40:59

- Pi-RAtE

Smile is the one which makes Everyone one happy forgetting all the past miseries
The memory of smile keeps one always to remember @cross the miseries (up)
Good blog :)

22 08 14-07:56:13

- swordfish

I don\'t knw what should i say but u have proved urself as strong gal with this smile...
just keep smiling...good days are near..

22 08 14-07:28:50


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