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missinG Newest tO Oldest by: LuCk ME

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From Oldest tO Newest{nOt vEry New..}
From .mobi tO .net ..!
From Owner tO mOd ..!
From thE iCon tO thE Fable ..!
thiS iS tributE tO Every rC User
TributE to OLD RC USER ..!
TributE frOm crazy tO SeriOus ..!
thiS iS frOm truE Legand -DON_VenkaT- tO RapturE ..!
thiS iS StorY From 1St ID Of L!vEW!rE tO InfinitE………!
So here It start………………&
Some rC membErs arE So Spacial fOr SomeonE.
(hearts)likE Aishlee tO AkhiL.
(hearts)like lily_scene tO scene_kyd.
(hearts)likE Sidqqui tO Zina.
(hearts)likE ShuNaYa_ tO obNOXious.
somE arE Crazy.
(wacko)likE Utpal tO LuCk ME.
(wacko)likE MaXpaYnE tO SweTa_kiLLer.
(wacko)likE rEy tO V4MshI.
frOm MiSs RoCkOn DewDrop tO SaFira.
frOm Mr RoCkOn CheckMate tO miss RoCkOn glimmer_.
rOckchat Never ForgOt yOu. kinG & Queens.
FrOm Showstopper CalypSo tO show-stopper.
From Site Creator CreeD To Site Advicer Afzal Syed.
From Oldest tO Newest.
From G0D-f4tH3R tO SuRoCkS.
From AsH tO GorGEouZ_DoLL.
From kissinG Queen amEEnna tO lovEly born2lovE.
From Deep Heart Of GossiP GangStA tO AthenA_.
FrOm GamEr ranjit1984 tO VviSh.
From M-MeE tO AvEER.
From Fast&FuriOus fa!tH tO clairenice-.
From Colourful WhitE_GoDdesS tO RED REDHEAT
From wAsim-siDDQui tO GuDDu.
frOm D Of DrEamYgaL. tO D Of DrifTKinG
From SeriOus DaZzlE tO MuSical HeartzNusic.
From Tamil usEr elaya tO CheRRiE.
From DOraEMon tO GREAT _KoNoMasHii_.
From ZerO tO infinitE Earth_.
From .mobi tO .net ..
From Rockon tO RockChat
From CoOl P4Y4L tO dangErouS diSha me0w.
From ANUkul tO G0D-f4tH3R.
From PreciouS_Soul tO FrEe_BiRd.
From Old iNstinCt tO eYeCanDy.
From Imusika tO Sweetie aLia.
Yeah ROCKChat wiLL AlwayS miSs yOu Oldies.
It iS nOt Just A Chat Site It iS mOre thAn It.
From JiTHiN tO krazZzYbOii.
From Ar0mATiC AmbiEncE Of ArOmA tO Heaven World Of HeAven_biRd.
From Every Corner tO Every Country.
From God Of GuestBOOK CrizZlOvE tO NiXx.
From GaGa tO SanaA.
From RichesT sKy(2011) tO SurOckS(2012).
From PM kinG AviAtoR(2011) tO PM Queen cute_angel(2011).
From Royal TwEEty tO Royal Thiiyah.
From Famous r0CkerChiCk tO Alch3mIst.
From DeatH_CaLL tO BubbleS.
From KkareN23_ tO Simplest Simple Rockr.
From AssasIn-X tO JoHnY_WaLkEr.
From SistEr Kainat tO Horee.
From Friendly MystiC_Boy tO ArMaaN_sInGh.
From Tipu-MaddY tO PinTu.
From Rocker-ritesH tO TINA.
fOr yOu
From Bushra tO SiL3nT_ShOuT
From CrAzyJeSsi tO Jessmin
From r0cket_rAja tO CoMbAtivE
V-2 AlSo ComE....
Hates off tO All.
!!!! ........ROCK-ON....... !!!!

22 08 14 - 11:18:48


Rate: 5 - Points: 15

missinG Newest tO Oldest : Recent Comments

- NekoSenpai

Omg. You remembered me. Its touching. Thank you

10 09 17-18:38:57

- Bushra

Finally my name is included in the blog. I think its included lately(puzzled)

21 12 15-19:52:18

- livEwirE

A great tribute and I am reading this blog tonight. A pure lipstik from Luck Me. Thanks for reminding of old days. Always good to remember. Proud of you for creating this piece.

27 05 15-02:35:24

- dgreat

nicely written and much better than this is thought... (thumsup) :)

04 02 15-18:29:08

- DOraEMon

See this simple words made this huge difference. You are nothing but the marvellous(claps)

28 01 15-23:48:19

- imusika

are you the cctv camera of rc? Hahahaha :D

21 09 14-23:04:22

- GuDDu

aww wow realy so wonderful write bbroo (clap) realy miss old day n old frndzz (up)

28 08 14-16:44:33


wawww nice blog buddy,,, wonderful write up,wow I love this (smile) keep it up good job (up)

24 08 14-01:12:23

- AssasIn-X

Bro really very nice blog (r0ck0n) (band)

23 08 14-16:57:22

- DiAnAmO_-

Great one luck me bro u describe rc very well (clapclap)
We r like family here
We r together wen we need some one
We r together wen we fight against some one
We r together wen someone is in sorrow
We r together wen someone in joy
This is call

23 08 14-16:38:46

- P4y4L

Wowwwww luck b vry nyc (girlclap) yes we really missing all

23 08 14-09:41:23

- SiL3nT_ShOuT

great blog bro,(bravo) by the things u wrote & comments,i would really love to meet all oldest & first RockchateRs here....

23 08 14-07:40:45

- creed

awesome, you remember almost everybody . Really great!

22 08 14-23:01:13

- Pi-RAtE

Nice One Really a memorable Tribute to all ®© users :) but Missing oldies now a days its cent percent true

22 08 14-22:31:38

- Espero

while reading your blog , im just visualising everything from my day 1 here , its like going to your past once again and i cant forget those moments and it will stay with me forever. and great job.

22 08 14-20:21:56

- G0D-f4tH3R

(awesome) Creation LucK B (yo) Grt Job u hv Done, Giving Refreshment To Sweet Past Memories (hug)

22 08 14-13:46:41

- ShuNaYa_

Awesome,(thumbsup)Yes we miss our old friends and waiting for them to come back, LoNG L!vE RocKcHaT

22 08 14-12:44:43

- SaFirA

...and diz oldy SaFirA stil livin at (rockchat1)...
missing and waiting every old member to return (tissue)

22 08 14-11:40:49


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