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When I Met You by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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Since we\'ve met,
I knew you and me getting closer.
Our point of view in craziness it seems to click for longer.
All of my perception were great coz I meant,
were really became best of friend forever.
Though distance aint the hindrance coz our hearts going straight closer.
In each bonding we\'ve been spent together.
And now the most awaited challenge in our friendship has come.
Misuderstanding dont know where it came from,
That bothering to us not really a fun.
However,you aint get tired to show your heart signals,
Our frienship wouldn\'t be broken by first test between us.
Through your heart
I build more stronger trust
Coz Love cant be stand without trust.
Looking forward our frienship will strive up to the last.

03 10 14 - 09:46:04


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When I Met You : Recent Comments

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Your welcome siso,yeah we lift each other when we both down.Im here always for u. Love u a lot siso.

18 10 14-03:54:44

- Pi-RAtE

Nice One Nicola (pat)
your words are really a Strong feeling Amazing Blog from You friend (up)

03 10 14-19:55:58

- SeNsAtIoNaL_

amazing sis u r a get writer (kisso) amazing

03 10 14-13:16:27

- sandeep_ishq

Wow so nice mae ,u written superbly , r this ur real feelings :p

03 10 14-12:50:21


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