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Now That I Have You by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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Nobody\'s perfect!
Yeah its true,but
Everytime Im with you
Fulfillment is what I feel,
It seems almost perfect like nothing ask for more to make it real.
We started as friend
then became best of friend.
And now boy and girl friend.
Its quite fun yet beating our heart as one.
Now that I have you.
Youre the only one.
My love for you,
not for what you have
instead for who you are.
Now that I have you,
changes happened suddenly........
Im doing perfectly done.

11 10 14 - 04:13:38


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Now That I Have You : Recent Comments

- Oasis

Hey gud blog ..oh In love... u can say ..U make me perfect. .U complete me ....I hope ur love brings lotz of happiness in ur life

23 12 14-12:39:35

- greg

Hey buddy, nice blog(up)
you are a very Great writer(clap)

12 10 14-03:00:37


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