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When we want something but not good enough some of us really felt sad , frustrated , hopeless , stupid , unexplainabled feeling , lots of why and how and so on ..
Sometimes you will think of negative things such as you are not great unlike others , you`re not talented as they are .. And day wouldnt end without posting a status of , ^ I did my best but I guess my best wasnt good enough! ^ (haha) lolz
Hmm . I didnt named myself as an `artist` but I do love sketching and
creating things .. I started to draw cartoon characters , invented
cartoon and aside from that I also drawn my dreams before :)
When I tried to sketch humanoids , I feel so worthless that even nose
I cant draw .. (haha) and I thought that maybe its not for me then I
found some helpful pages and videos bout arts.
By seeing their magnificient works and my eagerness to sketch, push me to become better so I try again !
I look for my model and I found them here in rockchat : the sinister look of Abhy a.k.a l!vew!re .. :D and the sweetest rocky my army edge (:
It was really fun and bit overwhelmed coz I\\\'ve got very good compliment though it was look like as kid drawn. :D hahahaha ..
So last November 2k13 I tried to draw two of my fav vox in a band
Hayley Williams and Mitch Lucker :) and ofcourse my twin Avril Lavigne
.. (haha)
As I sketching them I found myself smiling .. Hahaha I rarely smile
actually I didnt smile coz I cant because of the pain inside me but
that moment I smile , a big big smile :D coz I felt finally , Im
better than before .. (haha) but im not contented so I asked some
great artists I\\\'ve known to rate my works. Haha! All of them told me that if I want to improve myself and my work I have to provide my needs and lots of practice.
Since that day I saved my extra money and then bought a sketchpad and fcpenciL :D next is I need time management coz of my work. So whenever I have my free time , I try to sketch again .. 2nd try of HayLey :p At last after four months , I did it well !! Not really the same , but a lil bit look alike :D haha! DaMasterpiece:p and A.Lavigne :p.
See theres a lotta improvement :)
Well its not just about the art but the passionate you gave in to the things you really wanted and love. :)
so, Whats my point in this blog? (haha)
-- Never limit yourself if you knew you can do a lots of better :) Which you must always think you can do better :)
-- Never hesitate to ask help/suggestions to others. Be open-minded , it will enhance and improve a lot in yourself.. :)
-- Never fear bout criticts. Embrace it as a guide and learning for tomorrow. :)
-- Have lots of patience , love what you do and trust in yourself. No one can determine your knowledge! :)
-- Simple things with full of efforts and determination can make you smile and bring so much happiness than your first love. :) :D
-- If you can write then you can draw .:D
-- There is always a better days so go on and live well. :)
I , Thank You :p
LOL I guess this is the best thing I`ve ever did here in rc . (haha)
#RiPEnglish :p

12 10 14 - 07:44:30


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Views of an EviLgirL : Recent Comments

- imusika

My response also late (haha) thank you everyone.. Im hoping , whoever may read this could brigthen their days.. :)

19 12 18-13:24:31

- Crepe

My comment seems quite late already but somehow I can relate to you.So keep up the good work(pat) and sketch as much as you can. (thumbsup)

23 03 17-11:24:55

- azure

You sketch really well... Beautiful sketches. Keep up the good work girl. Stay blessed

04 07 15-15:07:56

- Arnikoo

i do like do myself :but noe i try my best ::: Never limit myself ,and try to Have lots of patience @nd many other things that u described .
nice blog . :)

06 05 15-22:18:43

- Arnikoo

i do like do myself :but noe i try my best ::: Never limit myself ,and try to Have lots of patience @nd many other things that u described .
nice blog . :)

06 05 15-22:18:33

- imusika

Thanks for your comments Mr.Ethic and Ms.Bushra :)

05 04 15-11:36:29

- Bushra

Nice, Art determines 3 things in you. Your patience, Your determination, and how much you care about smaller things :) Nice bog though

03 04 15-12:26:06

- MortalMan

nice drawings! i can clearly say.. You have a brief idea about how to mk a sketch..

02 01 15-20:48:41

- imusika

Goosebumps? Aww thats too much Ms.LatteLover :p thank you :) you can be my reference if u want to. ;)

13 10 14-20:25:10

- imusika

Thanks Mr.Bravin. (haha) im stiLL collecting en inventing new ideas so if ever you have , share it then :p

13 10 14-09:39:15

- Pi-RAtE

hey Imu nice drawing Style yu got (claps) Your Second efforts was brilliant than the first one amazing (up) p.s yu did better in ®©

12 10 14-21:06:30

- imusika

Thanks Ms.Eclipse :) Hayley is best reference for a beginner lyk me. :p (haha)

12 10 14-20:47:43

- Solar_eclipsE

Damn,youre good :) i love the sketch of hayley williams!! Imma big fan of paramore and Avril Lavigne too so keep up the good work(up)

12 10 14-20:23:16


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