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the confession by: livEwirE

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...the first time ever when i saw you...the more i was going deeper in your eyes...the more you were going deeper in my heart... (hearts)

i don^t know why... but everytime whenever i see you i just cant take my eyes of you...and after that i just keep on waiting...only for your next glimpse... (hearts)

...and that waiting is as awesome as worse the waiting is...but still this waiting is worth when again i see your glimpse... (hearts)

...and that^s how it is...that^s how it goes on...goes on & on...which is just makes me helpless...yes you make me really helpless whenever we cross each other... (hearts)

...and this is how it feels every time i see you...

...when i look into your eyes...
...i just feel that your eyes want to say something...
...does they say the same what i want to listen...
...if yes, then why don^t you just say it...
...if no, then please never say it...

...though i know eyes never lies...if yours does...let it be my love for your i am waiting again just to listen your mysterious eyes...

...i don^t know about yours...but i know!!!

(hearts)^|^ eyes never lie ^|^(hearts)



11 11 14 - 11:53:04


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the confession : Recent Comments

- Nyx__

(hehehe) Kon hai vo lucky lady... Who has this evils heart (wink)

27 11 16-14:03:55

- Oasis

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24 04 15-18:58:38

- ArYaNO_

awsm awsm (awesome)abhy bro..(fclap)lovingly described ur loving one in a lovely way..hats off.(up)

05 03 15-12:07:01

- StrAnGeR

Veru true words eyes cannot lie n without knowing i just love u n love u (up)nice blog

22 12 14-14:34:06

- zplus98

I dont know at what age ur living on. Something between 18-25 its ok. But beyond this its always better not to think of the past its future u have to live upon on. Jeenah hai to waqt ke sath hi jeena hoga.Rest is one choice

16 11 14-20:49:14

- iloveyou

I never knew that you are staring at me. (hehe) But you know eyes can lie and touch can be convincing, but a kiss will tell everything. (kissing-tuzki) And more enough to say my name. :p

14 11 14-09:44:07

- imusika

the third stanza take it aLL such a expressive and stronf words. :D how lucky that girL .. :)

12 11 14-13:31:49

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Yes quite true but then there are time eyes unable to see from heart can sees.By the way this blog constructed well.:p

12 11 14-06:11:55

- Solar_eclipsE

Such a heart warming blog! Its really nice but to whom do you dedicating it for Abhy?:p

12 11 14-05:01:16

- eee-rush

Good blog,sweet xpression but only if it were not an illusion in d hrt of d writer.

12 11 14-03:37:50

- NitEsH_

A Good Description(thinky)But(spiteful) Who Was That `YOU` In The Blog Bro(poke)

12 11 14-01:50:36

- LuCk ME

Love Need Word Oh Yeah We Define It. We Love You Deeply Without Knowing Aything About You. Yeah We LovE You. My Eyes Never LiE. Bdw Awesome Blog ABHi. :)

11 11 14-23:59:53


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