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RC Theme Song by: Pi-RAtE

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An Unforgettable Journey of An Individual Which Causes Never Ending ............ WAP Livelihood:)
An Addictive Environment Which Makes Us.......... Physically Not To Leave Like a Passerby:)
An Open Book of Thoughts Emotions & Pleasures .......... Which Fulfills ones Mental Abilities To Rock On and Being Rocked On
An Enigmatic Gateway Of Choosing Safe or Unsafe Side........ From Good And Evil Things In Your Own Unique Way :)
A Tired less Portal For Non Tiredness users......... to Pass Their Leisure Time Of Chatting by Charging Their Mobile (smile)
An Infinitive Forum Zone Fr More WAP Questioners And Answerers..... To Share their Views Globally
A Social Game Zone........ Where Users Of Various Zone Gets Good Communication Knowledge And Also Talkative Attitude (hehe)
A Dictionary of Users Enlisted Here In IDs ...... To Know Their Superb Cool Nature and Have a Passable Chats via PM (bookworm9)
More Than That its An Attractive Global Portal To Get Clubbed Up and Grouped Up :)
Lets Live Every Dream On RC !!! For Attaining The Most Reality and Also Unreality One In This Here :)
This is Just a Lyrics Frends , You Can Tune it up with Music Composers (winku)
I Hope Yu will Like My Blog & Comment your Lyrics Too Please Do Share Your Experiences Of RC here Guys:) About The Most Friendly Environment You Gained here
_^^ Hoping So^^_
(gift) Yours PraVIn457 (gift)

12 11 14 - 08:09:42


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RC Theme Song : Recent Comments

- Oasis

Hey very nice lyrics with rich words ...

12 11 14-12:55:10

- X_CoNstaNtinE_X

absolutely great blog broz(claps) what a imagination u hv to create a fabulous thinking on rc...

12 11 14-12:15:46

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

As expected with you,job well done.Highly appreciated.(girlclap)

12 11 14-11:50:21

- Finn_balor_

nice bolg dude.. lol ua show all properties of rc... sooo coool nice lyrics dedicated to rc..(up)

12 11 14-10:50:11

- iceangel

Yes it has been fun here very awesome one thing about the pervs which I seriously have to pick out the good ones from the bad ones. (ras)

12 11 14-08:36:45

- Mad_Ape-II

Nice blog optimus, good job! (thumbup)

12 11 14-08:27:39

- NitEsH_

(good)nice one! It may also be served as advertisement purpose!(thinky)

12 11 14-08:25:48

- buenificent

Nice blog..all the things u said abwt rc was very true...hahaha bt smetimes we meet fake,pervert and arrogant people here too...

12 11 14-08:22:43


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