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Internet Addiction is not good by: DiAnAmO_-

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We youth suffering from internet addiction disorder now a days.
How many of u guys agree with me in this case.
We spent our most of d time on internet.dosent matter its for good or just for a time pass.
Most of youth spent his/her time on internet behind online game n chatt many of us using internet for collecting some good knowledg??
Do we think that yes we collect some good n important knowldge from internet??
70 percent of youth spent time on internet just for time pass or in playin game or checkin videos.
We never spent time on net for some topic related study,work or something else.
If somebody tell us to collect that info from net so we feel lazy to do that.but if our friend tell us about new chatt portal or video we quickly start searching for it.
Guys we r missing our real life just becoz of Net.
We r missing frnds silly fight ,spendin time with family,we have no times for our loved ones coz we r busy with net.
Lets start using net for good reasons.
Not for spending time only.
We have so many things to do which keeps us bussy.
Lets give some time to our real life :)

12 11 14 - 11:46:12


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Internet Addiction is not good : Recent Comments

- imwish2die

Yup I m agree with you, but we can change ourself just by dropping the addiction and by spending less time on Internet

21 02 16-00:32:47

- SnigDhA_

mai abi abi cmg out of dis addictn

11 05 15-19:25:09

- sboy

Bro im totally agree wid u. i also addicted of net thats why i feel the disadvantages of net. but at the other side it depend on particular person how he/she use of net with in time period .well written blog keep it up :p

02 04 15-15:29:10

- DiAnAmO_-

Thank u so much guys for ua valuable comment.

14 11 14-20:43:20

- Oasis

Hey gujju nice one dear extremes are always harmful

12 11 14-18:22:21

- goludevil

superb topic nd very well written...!! (thumbsup)
M also doing d same in wasting tym over here (hehe) bt namune frnds k liye krna padta h kabhi kabhi thora tym waste (roflol)

12 11 14-15:10:47


very nice blog,and well said topic,we have to really focus in our life,because life is too short to be wasted for nothing(thank) (up)

12 11 14-14:34:45

- PraKriti

Nice blog and really true blog.. i too do same thing.. (sady) from now onwards full concentration to real life.. tune meri aankhe khol di (hifive) (hug) keep it up (pat)

12 11 14-14:14:40

- shabs786

yes u r correct i agree wid u

12 11 14-14:09:19

- PRincEss_WaRriO

(tup) agree socks guy!!! :p verry nice blog kip it up

12 11 14-13:58:57

- HorizOn

yesssss u r absolutely correct,..hhmmm u r doing da same hahahah (hehe)

12 11 14-13:40:13

- Cette

I dont really use internet for collecting info coz i use BOOKS (roflol) for referrence.. Its more accurate FOR ME.. anyway NICE one VenVen!

12 11 14-13:37:31

- Mad_Ape-II

Nice blog, compi. very true! (clappy) :)

12 11 14-13:30:04

- Solar_eclipsE

We all aware of that,but some things are very addictive,sometimes we are addictive to a person in online,games,and other stuff. But that doesnt mean we should keep oblivious. Go outside and breathe some fresh air:)

12 11 14-13:18:33

- michalina

We are constantly evolving. There are always pros and cons. Children nowadays are smarter because the internet opened up the world to them.

12 11 14-13:01:43

- YogiChaudhary

Nice blog Dev Bro u r absolutely right In India mostly have a young generation n they spend our lot of time on Internet. :):):)

12 11 14-12:58:51


jiz well writtn ...xcatly true sumtym we gave mre importance to virtual world den real...

12 11 14-12:58:19


jiz well writtn ...xcatly true sumtym we gave mre importance to virtual world den real...

12 11 14-12:58:19

- N-yctO_-Phili-A

(haha2) Bhaai Topic Superb..(superb) Every Fact is (exactly) True Bout The Todays Life..:p Me Too Spend Ma Most Of Time On INternet..(hehe) Smtimes feels like Incomplete Widout it..(eddy) INTERNET ADDICTERS..(roflol) (gudjob)

12 11 14-12:57:11

- Finn_balor_

hmm u rite... but dono ko maintain kar k rakhna chie.. net le sirf chat hi ni bhot helpful h.. har mayne se... jai ho google mahaj nd wikipedia dada ki (up)

12 11 14-12:46:29

- sammie

I agree wid u.. we should set time 4 net surfing n chating.. its nt d most imp thing we do.. we hv 2 remember dat Time is Precious dan anything else in our life..!

12 11 14-12:40:03

- RaShiKa

totaly agree...lets start wid u..hehe..

12 11 14-12:35:38

- NitEsH_

Well! Starting of your blog was like a poll but you turned it to blog till the end!(good)
i do read novels or others books through internet!(innocent)

12 11 14-12:31:06

- Afham_

Hahaha. . Nice bLog, I Like That! But Buddy, who Says That Chatting is just waste of Time? You Can get info about different peopLe aLong with their pLaces! So it\'s a good Thing I guess

12 11 14-12:27:05

- P4y4L

Nyc one pada (ras)mostly sabhi is se addictive ho chuke even I also

12 11 14-12:26:59

- Dazzling_Diva

Ya I totally agree WD u jiju...
We r really getting addicted!!
Hmm though we have lots of advantages through internet..
We should use it in a limited way so dat it does not effect our real life..nowadays ppl r spending der tym mostly on internet..finding frnz on internet n other sch things..
BT internet is not only the source 2 spend tym..we have lot of other things in real lyf 2 enjoy wid..
So jiju tq for creating did awareness here through ua task..
And yeah...its gr8 blog for creating social awareness!!. (clap)

12 11 14-12:20:23

- love.risky

hahaha ..most exciting blog .. its a blog of every person who use intrnet ... its true its a addiction wid a permanent reaction .. nyc blog(tup)

12 11 14-12:20:08

- GorGEouZ_DoLL

Yes m agree wit u. But bahat kosish karne k bad avi thodi kam hua hai. Internate k chakkar me kavi kavi hum real life ko hi bhul jate hai. So i think sabko real life par jada dhyan dena chahiye

12 11 14-12:17:56

- SeNsAtIoNaL_

hmm realyy vwry nice devi :) ,, its so true ,, me b 70 ~ me hi ati hu (ras)

12 11 14-12:15:18

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Yes it is there will be disadvantages.Very expressive and impressive blog.Keep it up:p

12 11 14-12:11:24

- buenificent

Nice blog..very true..we should learn hw to use d net properly and learn hw to balance things... We should focus on our real life ...

12 11 14-12:10:26


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